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MB Premiere: EKROM - 'The Black Flame Of Seth'

If you're into some atmospheric black metal stuff in the vein of Scandinavian bands back in the 90s, this is a very good appetizer for you. EKROM from Norway, consisting of (ex-) members of Covenant and Nocturnal Breed, is going to release their first full-length album Uten Nådigst Formildelse on June 6th via Edged Circle Productions and this is the second song 'The Black Flame Of Seth'. The band itself says about the track:

"This was actually the first song that was written when we started up in 2020, so it is the main vision of what we set out to achieve with Ekrom in its purest form. In addition, the lyrics were written by our good friend and author David Lie for this one. We are very excited about the coming future and our joint collaboration with Edged Circle Productions, and we are actually well into the writing of our second album already."

While there's currently no shortage of bands/records offering classic/"classic" '90s-style black metal, it's invigorating - and, above all, authentic - to find it coming from those who were there from the beginning. EKROM have both arrived and awoken with Uten Nådigst Formildelse.

Now enjoy and listen to the song!


Thomas Ødegaard - Drums
Kharon - Guitars, Vocals, Synth



Entered: 5/9/2023 5:50:00 AM