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Bleed Like A God

Brazil Country of Origin: Brazil

Bleed Like A God
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Type: Demo
Release Date: December 9th, 2022
Label: Independent
Genre: Black
1. Intro
2. Bleed like A God
3. Evil Is Eternal
4. Devilock (Misfits Cover)

Review by Vladimir on April 24, 2023.

Sodomy is a new blood in the Brazilian metal scene, founded by an anonymous individual under the pseudonym of "Kadu Necro Defunto", handling the vocal, instrumental, as well as songwriting duties. This one-man project presents itself with a 4 track demo called Bleed Like A God, released on the band's Bandcamp page. As if it wasn't already obvious by the cover art of the demo, it clearly screams "Bathory worship" all over, at least an attempted one. Going into this I had very mid expectations, because we've had good Bathory clones or gimmick bands like Hellfire, showcasing a solid example of first Bathory album sound revival. This however is not one of those cases.

The demo starts with an ambient intro with the sound of rainfall, church bell ringing and baby cries, which actually made it a bit promising from the get-go. After that we're awaited with the tracks 'Bleed Like A God' and 'Evil Is Eternal', with blackened punk vibe riffs and d-beat drum rhythm, although with very low pitch-shifted vocals that should have sounded demonic but were overdone and ended up being a rather half-ass affair. The reason why I find the vocals very unfitting is because this kind of vocals, that were common in the early days of Brazilian extreme metal scene, were used in certain points of songs, rather than being the main vocal style. The only standout from this demo was the Misfits cover 'Devilock' due to not having the low pitch-shifted vocals like the other two, but even the different vocal style and the overall instrumental performance doesn't really save it from sounding very mediocre and dull. The only thing that somewhat managed to impress me was the slow Darkthrone-styled mid riff in the title track 'Bleed Like A God', although it was a very short-lived pleasure due to vocals completely burying the entire moment.

I'll be honest, I didn't really so much mind the band name, the overused Old English logo font or the copypaste cover art, because I was at least hoping for a good tribute or some good oldschool experience. The biggest issue is that this was meant to be a love letter to the First Wave of black metal classics, that was unfortunately poorly executed and did not live up to any expectations. Some people might enjoy this and find it a guilty pleasure, so I will leave it for you to judge it. I do hope that Kadu Necro Defunto will correct these flaws and show some potential in future Sodomy releases.

Rating: 0.5 out of 10