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Brazil's metal scene is just as insane and devoted as it was 4 decades ago, when bands such as Vulcano, Sepultura, Chakal, Sarcofago, Holocausto, Mutilator and others poisoned the minds of many youths with a message of rebellion, inspiring them to fight against oppression and all false values. As their bands come and go, the core principle remains the same, and is passed on from one generation to another. One of these newer generations of bands from Brazil is Sodomy, a black metal/punk band, which originally started as a one-man project by Kadu Necro Defunto before two new members Celtic and Krakör joined the lineup. The band released their self-titled debut album Sodomy, which was met with mostly positive reviews that regard it as a pure first wave black metal worship. Join me on this journey as I share a few words with Kadu Necro Defunto, where we talk about his band Sodomy and the potential future that awaits.


Greetings Kadu! First of all, I'd like to wish you a warm welcome on behalf of the MetalBite crew.

First of all, thank you for the interview provided, and for the space for me to communicate.

A few months ago, Sodomy released their debut full-length album and judging from the numerous comments, people really seem to like it, some even more than the previously released "Bleed Like A God" demo. What was your initial reaction when you saw the comments? Were you surprised to see that people enjoyed your album?

Our first demo received a mixed review, some people liked it and others didn't, already our self titled album received a much more positive review, I was very happy with the reception from the public, they seem to have really liked it, we made money for Bandcamp, many views on YouTube and many people wanting CDs.

Sodomy suddenly went on hold sometime after release of the self-titled debut album, but quickly reactivated after a few months. Could you please explain what led to the band being inactive for that brief period?

The production of the first album was fun but stressful, soon after we released the album, I needed to rest a little, not do anything related to music, we also had discussions between the band members and people outside the band, the environment was not good to continue so we stopped for a while, but a short time I remembered "pear there, The band is mine! I'm not going to stop playing because of other worms!" so I went back with the band.

The style of Sodomy's music is quite old school in terms that you can hear that it is very much influenced by first wave black metal, but you can also feel the elements of thrash, speed metal and hardcore punk. I am curious to know what inspired you to take on the first wave black metal style rather than the second wave style which is still predominantly used by many bands worldwide?

The speed black metal style with hardcore punk influence comes from my childhood, I grew up listening to Bad Brains, Dead Kennedys, Million Of Dead Cops, Minor Threat, Ratos De Porão, Os Replicantes, etc. then at the age of 13 I started venturing into black metal, especially in the second wave, Mayhem, Burzum, Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Taake, etc. a little more searching and met speed metal, Bathory, Venom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer, etc. then I realized that I could join punk and metal without being judged by some idiots, so I started doing some riffs on the guitar, at the age of 15 I recorded the first demo, and at the age of 15 to 16 I recorded the first album.

Besides musical influences, are there any works of art, literature or film that inspired Sodomy's work?

Influences outside of music I don't have, but our bassist Celtic has several, including the song 'Zodd, The Immortal' that Celtic wrote, it's inspired by Berserk, there's also a song that was left off the album but that was inspired by a real case in Brazil, that a bird killed a person.

The recording of Sodomy's full-length album very much resembles an old school demo from the days of tape trading. Will you be sticking so far with this style of sound or will you work more on your production for a future release?

The bad quality (Necrosound) was not very purposeful, because we all have shitty equipment, and we don't have many features, but all this generated Necrosound that personally makes me satisfied, but now for the next album, we will take a more pro deathrash direction, compared to the previous album, I will certainly have a better quality, but not too far from what black metal is.

Sodomy originally started as a one-man project which was solely led by you, but then you quickly introduced two new members to the lineup, Celtic and Krakör, both of which participated on the debut album. What is the story when the two of them joined the band and did the recording session for the debut album start once they became part of Sodomy's lineup?

After reading the reviews of the demo Bleed Like A God, I realized that I needed to find musicians to join Sodomy, soon I met Kräkor in the chat group of Podrera Records, she already knew and liked Sodomy, but did not know me, so soon we met and became friends, initially I was with a war metal band called Gutsfuck that soon ended, so I called her to join Sodomy, and a few weeks later we posted on Instagram that we were looking for a bass player, coincidentally, the Co-founder of Podrera Records, Celtic, is a bassist, he saw the ad on Instagram and asked to join, so I accepted, and I do not regret, he is an amazing friend and even wrote my favorite song from the album, the track 'Zodd, The Immortal', our relationship during the recording of the first album was very good.

From what I've seen your demo "Bleed Like A God" also got a CD release via an underground label/distro Podrera's Records from Brazil. Will there be a CD release of the full-length Sodomy album as well? Also, were there high demands by people for physical releases?

Talking about the CDs, there were a considerable number of people wanting CDs, tapes and even shirts, we earned a good amount of money by Bandcamp, with this money we will produce CDs of the full album (runs of 20 copies), and later shirts too, in Canada a distro released CD of our demo in a small print run of 5 copies, soon he will produce the full album too, in Brazil we have a distro manufacturing CDs of our full album and they seem to have the will to release our demo, anyway, we are struggling to release CDs of Sodomy, we have a lot of desire to release Vinyl, but for a guy to pay for all this is very expensive, and I do not money haha, so Vinyl only if a distro wants to pay.

Thank you so much for the interview, Kadu. I hope that Brazil's hardcore and dedicated metal scene will provide a great amount of support for Sodomy's future. Are there any final words you'd like to leave to your fans?

Thank you so much for the interview, I wanted to thank Rebecca (from Endemoniada Zine) for always supporting me, Celtic Hugo for being an amazing friend, and Léo Anticristo for being a awesome guy, Hails Podrera.

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