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Brazilian Bestial Attack
Power From Hell / Whipstriker

Brazil Country of Origin: Brazil

Brazilian Bestial Attack
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Type: Split
Release Date: 2012
Label: Independent
Genre: Black, Speed, Thrash
1. Behind Convent Walls
2. Fornications Rites
3. Celestial Orgy
4. Eternal Pleasure (Antichrist)

Review by Felix on January 14, 2024.

One must have a very clear idea of the own target group when calling a split album "Brazilian Bestial Attack". This title does not leave much wiggle room, right? It is therefore pretty surprising that the vinyl does not confront the listener with a thunderstorm of noise immediately. Whipstriker choose an almost sedate beginning, both the intro and the first regular song do not initiate a conflagration right from the beginning. But it is good to hear that "Midnight, Sex & Wine" accelerates the pace and turns out to a very strong piece. The relatively traditional beginning already indicates the skills of the three-piece, but it is the fast-paced part that raises both temperature and intensity. By the way, the track takes the perfect path between authentic heavy metal and filthy black thrash. Sometimes I regret that the South Americans neglect the deep roots of their style every now and then, but here everything works excellently. (Even the combination of midnight, sex and wine is interesting, although midnight and wine are of comparatively minor relevance.)

The further material of the trio shows its usual approach in a solid manner. The chaotic facet and the riffing of Venom 1982 shimmer through the tracks, especially at the beginning of "Sign of Cruelty". Not to mention the vocals which are heavily inspired by Cronos. Or is it Cronos himself? However, the chorus of the delicately titled "It's Time to Kill Your God" reanimates "Women, Leather & Hell". The punk affinity also gets through and supporters of Whipstriker cannot go wrong when checking this split. The sound also pleases the ears of those who like their sound cocktail dirty. The musicians do not offer a blurred vision of their compositions, but the snotty attitude is very well mirrored by the mix. As a result, it is only logical that their approach goes almost hand in hand with that of the bondage lovers called Power from Hell. Nevertheless, these guys prefer a very dull sound that seems to come directly from the crypt. That can be understood as consequent, but it definitely leaves room for optimization.

In terms of music, masters of the torture chamber perform a very simple (or should I say primitive) way of proceeding without any unexpected elements. Their autonomous full-lengths deliver some good stuff, but here they do not score with overwhelming riffs - or is it just the production that kills their effect? As a result, nerve-shattering solos and completely monotonous vocals with a lot of reverb on it characterize the fast-paced songs. The band shifts down at the beginning of their third track and shoots a Bathory-tribute riff into the audience, but the less rapid pace remains an exception and this fact increases the monotony of the contribution. This might be considered as bestial, but the beast needs new teeth and its claws are blunt. Given this situation, Power from Hell must be satisfied with 51%, Whipstriker win this Brazilian competition with great ease (75%). Anyhow, the target group will probably love this split.

Rating: 6.3 out of 10