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Live Review - Power From Hell, Whiskey Ritual, Master's Call, Zwielicht, Vomit Division - Helvete, Oberhausen - 02/09/24

What a great set-up for this evening. With Vomit Division, Zwielicht, and Whiskey Ritual the audience had the pleasure to see three exclusive gigs on the Master's Call and Power From Hell tour because they were only playing in Oberhausen.

The location was already crowded when the Germans from Vomit Division started to perform their dirty black n'roll stuff. Right from the start there was a very cool party atmosphere with some guys banging in the front and celebrating the band. The performance was really cool and I was right by the stage to see and hear their music. Focusing on their first EP from 2019 and the still actual album Hell In A Bottle from 2020 (what about a follow-up, guys?) they spread the alcoholic-drenched spirit of Venom very well.


After that, the party mood was over some fragrance sticks and skulls were placed on the stage. This meant some more serious stuff. Zwielicht. They had quite a home match today because the guys originated from the Ruhr Area and so they got a lot of support from the audience. Also, it was a very special gig for them because they also had their album release gig for their second album The Aphotic Gloom that very evening. Their music is old-school black metal with a lot of Scandinavian vibes (and four super long songs) back from the glorious 90s and the performance was really great. I sometimes had the feeling of being warped back into those days when Marduk, Immortal, and co. just released their breakthrough albums "Those Of The Unlight" and "Pure Holocaust" and I attended them for the first time as a teenager. This was a great gig, and I can only recommend the band to every black metal maniac!

Setlist: Stench Of Rotten Deities / Fallen Abbey / Babalon / Twilight Temple


Now it was time for the British guys from Master's Call who in my opinion were the newcomers in 2023. At least in my household their debut album A Journey For The Damned had a very huge impact and so I was curious to see how they fare live. Kicking off with 'All Hope In Fire' they offered a very cool performance and acted very much with the audience. Apart from the well-known songs from their debut, they also played all three songs from their first EP Morbid Black Trinity, namely 'My Eyes Are The Night', 'From Once Beneath The Cursed' and 'The Spire Cranes'. I must say that I didn't notice any quality difference between the songs so maybe the guys should consider re-releasing their EP so that more people might get their early stuff too (although a lot of the songs from the debut full-length are pretty old, too). Closing their show with a furious GG Allin cover where the crowd was able to do some chanting into the microphone. It was a real pleasure to see them live and I hope they will have many more opportunities to tour. And that cover song was a small appetizer for what was to come after that gig.

Setlist: All Hope In Fire / My Eyes Are The Night / The Serpent's Rise / From Once Beneath The Cursed / Into The Abyss Once More / Damnation's Black Winds / Blood On The Altar / The Spire Cranes / Bite It You Scum (GG Allin cover)


Just a small appetizer because what Italian-based Whiskey Ritual was doing on stage was not of this world and I was pretty happy to have moved into a corner back of the hall. It wasn't because of the acting of the band which was also very cool but the fans did a real demolition during the gig. Throwing bottles, spilling beer, moshing – everything happened there and after the show, the floor was completely wet and sticky. But that's just a side note. Whiskey Ritual were super cool with their sunglasses and their Venom-Motörhead-Discharge-attitude and the show was very much fun. I had to laugh plenty of times when vocalist Dorian Bones talked to the audience ("We're Whiskey Ritual: pasta, pizza, and cocaina!"). And when they called the fans to enter the stage to perform the last song together with them, you can imagine what happened. This was an unforgettable gig with some good friendly violent fun!


When Power From Hell appeared, many people unfortunately left the club already. The guys from Brazil (with a live guitarist from Dortmund, Germany  – the metal world is pretty small) did a real black metal inferno with some real furious stage action. Candelabras illuminated the stage and the guys did some hateful songs from almost all of their albums, if I am not totally wrong. Although their last album didn't grab me too much I have to confess that their live performance and music came over very aggressive and catchy. This is great black metal, dirty and grim. So I will give the guys another try on my CD player.

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