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Global Worming

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

1. Global Worming
2. Hell Is Here
3. Violence Is Gold
4. Wheel Of Torture
5. C.B.V.
6. Terror
7. Hanging Gardens
8. Our Only Life
9. Nemesis

Review by Michael on October 16, 2023.

Two years after having reached Mount Carcass the guys from Hamburg, Germany are back to start the Global Worming. On the album the quintet lays their salty fingers lyrically into some wounds that are pretty actual like in 'Violence Is Golden' or 'Hell Is Here'. Let's take 'Violence Is Golden' as a good example:

“No remorse and no regret
We want to kill, we won't forgive
Suffering the price you have to pay […]
Words are silver, violence is gold
When all is said but nothing's done
Violence unfolds”

Sounds pretty current these days, doesn't it?

But apart from the smart lyrics and the nice pun in the album title, what do the Germans deliver with their fourth output? Well, I would state that they still have the typical Swedish HM-2 sound like Dismember and old Entombed did in perfection on their first two albums but they also got some more groovy parts in their songs this time. Listening to 'C.B.V.' or 'Hanging Gardens' which starts with a slight casual “Wolverine Blues”-riff are good examples how they incorporate some more death n'roll elements into the music though it still sounds pretty much old school. According to these elements, the vocals sometimes sound pretty much like Johan Lindstrand from The Crown. Lenny has varied his vocals this time around and got a wider range than on the previous albums and did a very cool job with this and the same goes to the whole production of Global Worming. It became very powerful and it's punchy to the point.

'Our Only Life' is one of the fastest songs they ever did and it is a wild ride between some punk influenced sounds and brutal death metal. It's a really brutal neckbreaker with some great double bass moments and with about three minutes it is also the shortest song on the album. The title track which is also the opener is a brutal, old school death metal song in the vein of the old aforementioned Swedish models. It has a very catchy chorus with some very dramatic guitar riffs and a very hectic drum part in the middle of it where you literally can see the worms popping out of the maltreated Mother Earth. 'Wheel Of Torture' goes into the same direction, but before the catchy part with some sawing guitars starts, we have to suffer some slow torture riffs and painful screams. I guess the song doesn't get the title from out of nowhere. Closing the worming with 'Nemesis' Endseeker have quite an interesting surprise. It is a very atmospheric song which reminds a little bit of Hypocrisy (everything that came out after "Osculum Obscenum"). It starts with a very gloomy mysterious atmosphere and some church bell ringing and the song structure is quite similar to the deeds of Peter Tägtgren. Even the driving guitars in the middle of it are pretty close to that.

Now that the Global Worming is done, we only can hope that all the worms are scorched from the Earth so we all can find peace again. At least listening to the album gives me some peace of mind and this is good.

Rating: 9 out of 10 dead worms