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Portraits Of Dismay

Italy Country of Origin: Italy

1. We Guys Are From Hell
2. Tombatron & Tormentor
3. Global Thermonuclear War
4. Psychopharmax Convulsions (Convulsed Cover)
5. The Merciless March
6. The Force
7. Hellish Hordes Rise
8. Winds Of Damnation
9. Total Possession
10. Army Of The Dark
11. Midnight Vision
12. Into The Chasm Of Death
13. Male Supremacy (Carnivore Cover)
14. Pandemonial Storms
15. Mellhammer
16. Sulphurous Lust
17. Doctor Rock (Motörhead Cover)
18. The Possibility Of Life's Destruction (Discharge Cover)

Review by Felix on February 6, 2024.

I like both interesting women and EPs, but this does not mean that I can get in touch with each and every of them. Concerning women I haven’t found a solution so far, but this does not matter here. With respect to EPs, sometimes a nice compilation can be very helpful. 14 own compositions and four covers, taken from nine different releases, and one absolutely ridiculous artwork shape Portraits Of Dismay. Enough numbers, what about the music?

The invitation of Bunker 66 to get their rarities in one fell swoop is fascinating. Their straight, punk-influenced material is never complicated and always far away from being boring. Their four regular albums have an average length of 28 minutes, but now we can be sure that the guys are just lazy, because this compilation with a playtime of almost an hour is simply great as well. Of course, do not count on meticulously arranged solos, tricky rhythms or musical experiments that combine senseless external influences. Bunker 66 know and like what they do, they deny to look to the left or to the right and their carefree attitude results in spontaneous songs which have been recorded between 2012 and 2023. You want to make a metal meeting with Brazil’s Whipstriker, Mexico’s Acidez and the reincarnation of the young Quorthon (R.I.P.)? Welcome them with this compilation and they will be in a good mood immediately. And don’t forget to invite early Bulldozer!

The narrow-mindedness of Bunker 66 has the truly positive effect that the compilation sounds very homogeneous. Its different recording sessions are almost not identifiable. The production is always powerful, it transports the necessary dirt and the songs jump right in the listener’s face. Fortunately, there's not much left to break on my face. Therefore I just like the short, mean and speedy attacks. By the way, they show up in chronological order and I ask myself whether it is good or bad that the older tracks have a few percent more class than the newer ones? Anyway, some casual riffs and lines can be found everywhere. Only the cover songs are not really necessary. The 53 Convulsed seconds are meaningless, Carnivore is overrated and Motörhead predictable. Maybe the Discharge song at the end of the song list is the best of this rather mediocre quartet, because here the Italians spread extremely energetic vibes.

Toxic Holocaust is my prime example for a band that is able to write good, but not sustainable songs. Their impact does not last long and Bunker 66 play a comparable style. Yet their “full” (short) albums do not suffer from the T. H. syndrome and I hope that the same goes for the here presented tracks. Evil outbursts like 'Tombatron & Tormentor', 'The Merciless March', 'Hellish Hordes Rise' or 'Winds Of Damnation' indicate something different. Thus, I just can recommend to lend an ear to this collection, although interesting women are always a bit more interesting than EPs and even more exciting than an EP compilation. I think the guys of Bunker 66 agree with this final statement.

Rating: 8.1 out of 10