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Septic Worship (Intolerant Spree Of Infesting Forms)

Denmark Country of Origin: Denmark

1. Inauguration Of Septic Tank Release And Epic Faecal Sludge Chug-Off
2. Candidiasis French Kiss
3. Septic Baptism
4. Septic Deterioration And Decomposition (Lubricated In Feces For The Great Beyond)
5. Intolerant Spree Of Infesting Forms (Septic Worship)
6. Bushmeat Banquet
7. Transilience Of Parasitic Infestation (Septic Engorgement)
8. Emetic Rites
9. Fungi Licks (Of Septic Drainage Effluent)
10. Devastation Of Intestinal Flora By Bushmeat And Infected Blood
11. Haris Ve Afis Dalyarakların Hazin Sonu (Nihai İnfilak)
12. Jorden Raser Efter Menneskekød
13. Septic Septic
14. Airborne Droplets Of The Infected
15. Başkasının Kusmuğu

Review by Alex Grindor on February 13, 2024.

It has been years, many many years since I stopped listening to goregrind and its less interesting variants. Many bands of the genre rely on a less-than-spectacular formula of just making mediocre, yet enjoyable songs that bring to mind an out-of-control party, rather than the disgusting pathologies the style was once known for (look no further than Gutalax, and compare them to any band that is actually brutal). So it was a bit of a surprise to listen to Septage, a band from Denmark who are soon to release their debut album through the legendary Me Saco Un Ojo Records; Septic Worship (Intolerant Spree Of Infesting Forms), a reminder of how goregrind is supposed to be done.

It wastes no time in presenting itself, with pummeling drums, low-tuned riffs and gurgled vocals. It never stops its frenzy, but merely calms down for brief periods only to erupt once again. Personally, it brought to mind memories of Lymphatic Phlegm, a brazilian band who had a marked style of their own. Septage seems to have taken a note or two from this band, but never to the extent of being a rip-off. It incorporates a good amount of technicality and even guitar solos that just enhance the overall beast that the album is. Even the bass guitar is accentuated and shows off at specific moments of the record (especially at the end). The vocals are well performed as well, with some deep growls and disgusting pitch-shifted gurgles that properly honor the band's namesake, in case the repulsive cover art wasn't enough to convey the band's style.

Production-wise, there's hardly anything to note. Everything is in its proper place, no instrument overshadows the other and their balance is excellent. The songs themselves have no issues. Their length is very standard for the style (barely a track near the 3-minute mark), with some lasting barely seconds. Beyond this, there's nothing worth mentioning that hinders the album, not even the overtly-long song titles. For a debut recording, it is well-executed.

Septage's debut knows exactly what it is and what it wants to achieve. A proper homage to the goregrind of yore, with a strong seasoning of death metal and technical
prowess that shows how the style is meant to be done. Pitch-shifted vocals may not be my cup of tea, but for this style is an unwritten rule and Septage does not abuse of them. My only gripe with this otherwise excellent album would be that it is too short. Again, part of the genre's unwritten rules but I actually enjoyed it a lot and was a bit put down by the short duration. This gripe aside, Septic Worship is a great album that fans of extreme metal should listen to. If you enjoy early Carcass, Lymphatic Phlegm and similar bands, then this is a must for you.

To be released on March 29th by Me Saco Un Ojo Records (Vinyl), in collaboration with Dark Descent (CD) and Extremely Rotten (tape).

Rating: 9.2 out of 10