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MB Premiere: SEPTAGE - 'Septisk Eradikasyon' full album stream

Certainly not the first thing you want to hear at 7AM in the morning (if you are my neighbours); this audial diarrhea was meant for the nasties of the genre and no one else. Going by the name SEPTAGE and fittingly so when you take into account the gruesome collage for artwork shat-out and the diabolic vocals and deranged music to accompany it. Formed By members of Taphos and more notably Hyperdontia, you should already know what you are going to get; death/goregrind that has no limit nor concern for morals.

'Of Gangrene Limbs', 'Perpetual Fetid Order', 'Simmered in Mephitis', just what the fuck?; you'll get rolled around in the crap then beaten relentlessly by the merciless and deranged whacking and riffing, then eaten up and regurgitated from the vile bowels of the vocalist. Has a thick, meaty production so it sounds like giant towers of gunk are closing in on you, then there's the short run time of the tracks that swiftly merge you with the mess; just how can you go wrong with this gagged and fucked ragdoll of an EP; once again spewing from the foul orifice of Dark Descent Records and Me Saco Un Ojo. Set for an August 13th release on both 7' vinyl and CD.

And tonight's appetizer; dung.


Malik - Bass, Vocals
Ugur - Drums, Vocals
Tobias - Guitars, Vocals


Entered: 8/10/2021 9:18:34 AM