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MB Premiere: TURN COLD - 'The End of My Rope'

Borne out of pandemic induced isolation, TURN COLD, is ready to present a crossover thrash onslaught 'The End Of My Rope', from their upcoming EP, Break Your Faith (to be independently released on September 10th, 2021).

Drawing musical influence from the likes of heavy metal and hardcore institutions such as Metallica, Slayer and Cro-Mags, TURN COLD comes out swinging with razor sharp riffing over a relentless gallop and piercing, deliberate vocals that delve into crises of self and burden of seclusion through its grim lyrics. Punishing audiences with ruthless blitz of crushing riffs and continues attack, TURN COLD brings straight up unapologetic thrash in pure, unadulterated form to get you pumped until their full-length debut.

TURN COLD have produced a pummeling effort which captures the harsh reality of involuntary alienation and self reflection. Break Your Faith is a devastating release both musically and emotionally; an incendiary debut from a new ensemble.

Band comments: "We are proud to present our first offering to the readers here at MetalBite. We're anxious for everyone to hear the rest of the EP. If you're into it, share it with your friends. If you hate it, be sure to get on social media and tell the whole world about it. We thank you for your help either way. This one's for the thrash freaks and the 2-steppers."


Brett - Guitar
Sten - Vocals
Twitch - Bass
Matt - Drums


Entered: 7/30/2021 8:18:26 AM