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Ruling The World

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Ruling The World
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1988
Label: Scratch Records
Genre: Heavy, Speed
1. Burn You
2. Blind Revolution
3. Set 'Em On Fire
4. Killing The Peace We Fall
5. Wild Cats
6. She Makes Me Hot (Hot)
7. Wild And Free
8. Ruling The World
9. Beat It
10. On The Wings Of Endless Pain

Review by Felix on June 4, 2024.

Usually I believe that tradition beats any trend, but sometimes it is necessary to break the tradition. After two albums with alarmingly weak openers (“Up the Hammer” and “Rock Your Bottom”), “Ruling the World” starts with one of the best songs in the history of Tyrant. “Burn You” is kicked off by a few atmospheric guitar tones before the song gains tempo and power. The up-tempo number cruises somewhere between heavy and speed metal and its liveliness whets the appetite for more. Good start, to say the least, and it’s just a side aspect that the guitar solo reminds me of the one of Steeler’s title track for “Rulin’ the Earth”. More remarkable is that it looks like every German wants to rule the world or the earth, but that was already the case before Steeler or Tyrant appeared on the metallic radar.

Tyrant had lost 50% of the line-up of “Running Hot”, but the song formula had not been significantly affected by this change. Lead vocalist Kerrmit and his loyal guitarist, who now combined his former names to “King Carl Tomaschko” had hired a new rhythm section and additionally a new second guitar player had entered the stage (not the pig that had sent greetings from the artwork of “Running Hot”). But the only difference to “Running Hot” was a more serious approach, a more metallic one, a higher degree of the well appreciated “we don’t care what you think about us” attitude. At least the first four pieces mirror this newly gained seriousness, while the relatively senseless “Wild Cats” marks a relapse into the old system of (not very funny) excursions. It’s true, old habits die hard – but all the more I like the slightly dark undertone of the first songs…

...and I fall into desperation when I hear the useless, inadequate electronic gimmicks in “She Makes Me Hot (Hot)”. You guessed it, the song is as embarrassing as its title. If you want to murder your integrity in a matter of secords, integrate such a song on an album that actually follows the tried and tested dogma of solid metal. It has nothing in common with the dragging title track which spreads more or less meaningful vibes or with “Beat It” and its earthy riffing. But okay, I don’t want to be too picky. After all, “Ruling the World” is the best album of Tyrant, at least in my humble opinion. The songs leave a comparatively high impact, the production is adequate as always and the artwork is a bit kitschy, but by far not as infantile as the one of “Running Hot”. Anyway, four albums were enough or even more than enough from this band and I wonder that Kerrmit is still active with a new line-up. Maybe I should praise his stamina, but honestly speaking, I don’t think that many people hope to get new Tyrant songs. Not because this would be a bad thing per se, but the scene has already more (second tier) bands than it can swallow.

Rating: 7 out of 10