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Gallery Of Suicide

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Gallery Of Suicide

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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 1998
Genre: Death, Gore
1. I Will Kill You
2. Disposal Of The Body
3. Sentenced To Burn
4. Blood Drenched Execution
5. Gallery Of Suicide
6. Dismembered And Molested
7. From Skin To Liquid
8. Unite The Dead
9. Stabbed In The Throat
10. Chambers Of Blood
11. Headless
12. Every Bone Broken
13. Centuries Of Torment
14. Crushing The Despised

Review by Jack on July 5, 2001.

I thought it was about time I pulled out some shit, and gave it the well-earned review it deserves. George “Corpsegrinder” Fisher and Co. certainly hit bottom of the pile in regards to “Gallery of Suicide”. I feel old George really is the missing link between man and ape, he really has learnt to grunt like a primate.

Death metal deserves better promotion than what these outspoken baboons attempt to grind with. Mutilating women with spanners and plungers is not a good lyrical topic, and will probably not invoke the kindest sympathies through the media. But of course this concept has not really occurred to these folks and thus you still have ‘GRRRRRRRRRRRRR...Behead the Innocent, pillage, rape and maim...GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!’.

This is the second album recorded since the departure of infamous vocalist (???) Chris Barnes. Does this make a difference to the music in the slightest? No, of course it doesn’t; Cannibal Corpse sucked with Chris and they certainly suck with George. Music consists of grinding guitars, fucked ape lyrical content and vocals, and heavy drumming and bass work.

Please, however note, that if you do see this CD for $2 or so, pick it up as the instrumental track: ‘From Skin to Liquid’ is actually a promising piece of work. Cannibal Corpse are remotely talented, they just play a shit brand of death, grind metal. If they ditched George, and follow the footsteps of death acts, like Hypocrisy they may actually be okay one day. However presently Cannibal Corpse, now suck and as a result “Gallery of Suicide” is an atrocious effort.

Bottom Line: Cannibal Corpse are the biggest sack of rubbish I’ve ever had the displeasure of reviewing. The only reason “Gallery of Suicide” scored two and half points is because of the reasonable instrumental in the track: ‘From Skin to Liquid’. Absolute crap.

Rating: 2.5 out of 10