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Live Review - Cannibal Corpse, Dark Funeral, Ingested, Stormruler - Fabrik, Coesfeld - 04/01/23

I had the choice between watching Bayern Munich against my favorite soccer club Borussia Dortmund or go to Cannibal Corpse & co. Well, I decided to go to the concert instead of watching soccer that evening, so after about 20 years I finally returned back to Coesfeld to see Cannibal Corpse live again. The last time I saw them was back in 1996, Dark Funeral also back in the late 90s - so there is pretty much new live stuff to see for me.

Opener that rainy evening were Stormruler who recently released their second album Sacred Rites & Black Magick. I really like that album although there are a lot of discussions about the running time of it (about 75 minutes) but their more technical Dissection-like stuff is pretty good. Opening with a song from their debut the guys focused onto their sophomore album after that. The band came over pretty convincing and got a lot of people banging in front of the stage. That was a good start into the musical evening, oh and coming back to soccer, after 20 minutes Munich is 3:0 in advance. So I guess I didn't do anything wrong that day.


Second band were the brutal death metal guys of Ingested hailing from the UK. I must confess that I never heard of them before and that this style of music actually isn't my cup of tea. Nevertheless they really rocked the house and the crowd was pretty much celebrating them. The sound was pretty good and if you like brutal death, this might be a very good band to check, for sure!


What the fuck happened to Dark Funeral? Did they drink any softener? "Hello Coesfeld, thank you for being here"…blabla. Where has the evil black metal attitude gone? Well, apart from the kindness they spread, the Swedes made a really good show playing a lot of their "hits" back from the past but also from their superb new album We Are The Apocalypse. Songs like 'My Dark Desires' or 'Open The Gates' still make me shiver in awe and when it comes to newer stuff like 'Nightfall' or 'Let The Devil In' I am pretty glad that the band found back to old strength. A fantastic gig indeed and very family-friendly, too.


Now it was time for Cannibal Corpse. No time for kind words, just straight into your face death metal. The fans didn't need much to go completely berserk and were eating out of the band's hand from song 1 on. The CC guys appeared absolutely likable and Corpsegrinder made a lot of funny comments, especially how old and tired he is. The song choice was a well-chosen cross-section of the band's history and I guess that nobody was disappointed after that fantastic evening.

Setlist: 'Scourge Of Iron' / 'The Time To Kill Is Now' / 'Inhumane Harvest' / 'Code Of The Slashers' / 'Fucked With A Knife' / 'The Wretched Spawn' / 'Gutted' / 'Kill Or Become' / ' I Cum Blood' / 'Evisceration Plague' / 'Death Walking Terror' / 'Condemnation Contagion' / 'Necrogenic Resurrection' / 'Unleashing The Bloodthirsty' / 'Devoured By Vermin' / 'A Skull Full Of Maggots' / 'Stripped, Raped And Strangled' / 'Hammer Smashed Face'

Oh, and the final result at Bayern Munich vs. Borussia Dortmund was 4:2. So that was the right choice for me to be here!

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