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Her Von Welken Nächten

Austria Country of Origin: Austria

1. Eigenwach
2. Ich Bin Aus Mir
3. Wer Hat Angst Vor Einsamkeit?
4. Grell Und Dunkel Strömt Das Leben
5. Innerwille Ist Mein Docht
6. Hier Weht Ein Moment
7. Schwarz Schaut Tiefsten Lichterglanz
8. Trauerbrandung
9. Mein Publikum - Der Augenblick

Review by Jack on July 24, 2001.

Dornenreich are in a similar vein to Rammstein, all their work is in complete German, and deal with rather obscure topics, different to the present norm through dark or black metal circles. Guitarist and vocalist of Dornenreich, Eviga, states “Human experiences are at the core of our conception. We stress intensity and intimacy.” This is certainly a breath of fresh air, in a genre that was once Satanically ridden with evil lyrics.

Dornenreich originally started out playing a stock standard plethora of black metal music, but over the later years they have evolved their own unique style, which is barely familiar in comparison to their older material, such is their uniqueness in a genre plagued with clichés and similes.

“Her Von Welken Nächten” is an album so diverse and experimental that it becomes an absolute joy to listen to. Dornenreich’s latest release can be thrown in the genres of dark/black metal or gothic metal. But the real powerplay that these boys deliver is that will likely appeal to fans of bands such as Tool and other alternative orientated bands. “Her Von Welken Nächten’s” material ranges from quiet tortured whispers with mellow operatic pieces, to bombastic, elitist brilliance matted with shrieking rasps and screams.
One or two rotations in the stereo is all that is needed for these lads from Austria to completely captivate your ears and really spin your world around, and bring it toppling back down to earth with an almighty crash. I can’t possibly stress enough how much this band is destined for big things down the road, and I’m talking big results!

Bottom Line: If you like your lyrics in German, and like music that is totally chaotic (and can be totally unchaotic, at the same time), then Dornenreich is certainly for you. Even at the same time, people who consider their music tastes obscure and unique really should do themselves a favour and get “Her Von Welken Nächten”.

Rating: 9 out of 10