Throneaeon - Interview

Neither Of Gods

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

1. Neither Of Gods
2. Thru Sinfulness
3. Above The Aware
4. In All And Nothing
5. Seven In Heaven Seven On Earth
6. Blackened To Be
7. The Serpant Unfolds
8. Strenght Of The Flesh
9. From On High
10. Enemies Of Thy God
11. 5211131103
12. As It Has Come To End

Review by Krys on August 22, 2001.

I loved death metal since my mother cut me off from the milk source and nothing is going to change this as long as there are bands like Throneaeon who are releasing excellent albums like their full-length debut “Neither of Gods”.

In general, I don’t like throwing out band names, but just so you know in what vein Throneaeon music is progressing, Deicide, Vader or early Death would feet them perfectly. The question is just how well are all those styles blended together? But I’m sure you already read the rating so you know the answer.

This Swedish act is nothing more than just pure violence and hate. All this anger is served on perfectly produced silver platter where all instruments are clearly distinguishable, yet unmercifully destructive. From the first to the very last track those guys hit you with un-compromised power and fury, having a devastating impact on your little eardrums. Everything seems to be perfect; Tony Freed’s powerful death metal voice, excellent riffs and outstanding overall guitar work by the above mentioned and Jens Klovegard, and an airtight rhythm section of Roger Sundquist and Andreas Dahlstrom make my soul so happy that I’m having trouble holding it refraining from gushing like a pansy.

One little weakness that I see is a lack of variety and some songs might be a little difficult to recognize after first listening but what am I talking about...? One day I’m gonna burn in hell for trying to find weak points in perfectly recorded pieces of Satan’s art.

...And why am I even wasting my time and your bandwidth? There are better things in life than writing or reading reviews... one of them is “Neither of Gods”.

Bottom Line: Death metal can’t get much better than that. Do yourself a favor and get this CD using any means necessary. You’ll love it.

Rating: 9 out of 10