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Even if I had to wait another 10 years for their next release I’d do it! Throneaeon’s debut “Neither of Gods” is everything I hoped for and then some. Having released only two demos “Demo-95” and "Carnage" and 1999 MCD “With Sardonic Wrath”, Throneaeon built up a strong reputation in Sweden and the underground scene around the world. Hard work and determination resulted in a record deal with Hammerheart Records and their first full-length “Neither of Gods”, which is an immense piece of blasphemous and brutal death metal. Here’s what Andreas Dahlstrom (bass) had to say about the band’s history and their latest masterpiece.


First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on a very good full-length debut album "Neither of Gods". Do other 'zines and metal media share this same enthusiasm I have?

Thank you! The album was just released, so a lot of reactions are yet to come, but so far we have heard only kind words about it and I have been pretty busy answering interviews the past month. It seems like we have made a fucking good album and, as I said, so far the press has had nothing but good things to say about it.

From what I know, you had few labels interested in signing a contract with you. Why did you decide to pick Hammerheart Records?

We negotiated with about 5 or 6 different labels that we decided were interesting for us. In the end we chose HHR as they could offer us the best deal in combination of showing us that they really believed in THRONEAEON and our music. We had been in contact with Wilko at HHR a couple of times before (when he had his own label, Fadeless) and it seems like all of the staff members are totally devoted to this kind of music, so in the end it was not a difficult decision.

What were your intentions by re-releasing the MCD "With Sardonic Wrath"? Wouldn't you rather concentrate on the promotion of your new material?

Wilko at HHR told us that they were interested in re-releasing the mcd to make it available again when the full-length would be released and we all thought that it was a great idea. We, as well as the people at HHR, all think that the mcd is a great release and it would be sad to let it drift into oblivion. Helgrind Productions whom originally released the mcd showed no intention of promoting it further and it was easy for HHR to take over the distribution of it. I can assure you that all our powers and strength was put into "Neither of Gods" and the re-release of the mcd was just to make it available to the fans again.

Can you explain the meaning of the band's name Throneaeon? It's pretty strange combination of letters.

Ha ha, ok you're American, right? Yeah, it's a pretty strange combination, but we like to see it as something unique that represents the band 100%. We feel that both the original words (THRONE & AEON) represents a strong meaning to ourselves, so why not combine them, making a blasphemous and strong word that holds the secret to our whole existence?

There have been quite a few line-up changes through the years. What have caused them?

WHO has caused them, would probably be a better fitting question...? Maybe Tony can answer you on this one, if you ever meet him...

Are all current members fully dedicated to Throneaeon or do any of you have different side projects?

No side projects whatsoever. We are focusing all our powers into THRONEAEON! The band means everything to us and we wouldn't want to waste our energy on any second hand stuff. We are 100% dedicated to this band and we will take it as far as we can. I would guess that you need to be somewhat mentally disturbed to put so much effort into this music such as ourselves.

The band was formed in 1991 and almost a decade later you release your first album. What took you so long? Was it the band's decision not to rush the recording until you are satisfied with your sound and style or there were other circumstances causing that?

The first 3-4 years were quite disordered due to band members coming and leaving all the time, it took until 1994 for the band to get a stable line-up. As soon as we felt that the four of us would stay together for a long time we recorded the "demo -95" tape and from that moment on things have been moving steadily upwards. We have always been very distinct on the fact that everything has to be at least 100% before we release it that’s why we haven't taken every chance offered to release an album. We have a strong opinion as to how a label is supposed to support THRONEAEON and we can't accept anything less. This is also something we do as a standpoint against major parts of the music industry that just gain profit from releasing lousy bands. We take this very seriously and that includes to be serious to the fans. We want the fans to know that an album from THRONEAEON means a good quality product.

I wouldn't say that extreme death metal bands in Sweden are a minority, but the current trend calls for more melodic groups. Why did you decide to go with this sound?

This is the kind of music that got us playing our instruments in the first place (not counting the heavy metal bands that we grew up with in the 80-ies) and it will always be a major part of our hearts and souls. It would feel very strange to change direction now when things are finally starting to roll faster. We have survived the Death Metal downfall period of the mid nineties and still holding the banner up high. This is our life and you can't change that in a blink of the eye. Even though we sometimes feel that we want to try something else (especially during the Black Metal period when "no-one" listened to Death Metal) it would be completely wrong to what we stand for. We're a Death Metal band and people will be aware of that. If we would be playing in another genre in the future (not with THRONEAEON) it would be so different to Metal.

It seems you really don't like Christians and/or organized religion. Is this the band's image or your personal beliefs?

Personal beliefs... Absolutely!! This is our reality, no fiction!! Image belongs to the past. We don't like christianity 'cause it's an oppressing religion and it corrupts our society. I would say that most religions fit to this description but the christian hypocrisy is what we deal with in our daily lives here in Sweden. Our music is very personal to us so of course our personal views affects THRONEAEON. In conclusion, with THRONEAEON we tell the truth, so it's our personal views enhanced with the brutality of our art that we call Death Metal. We are involved with acts against the christian influence on our society. We will during this month, for instance, discuss with the politicians in our city about the laws of freedom of speech, which is kind of a mark for Sweden. This doesn't exist in our hometown anymore if you make people upset, which is kind of fucked up!

What does "Neither of Gods" mean?

It's a statement of truth. With this album we wish to declare war upon christianity and any man-made so-called god. Basically we want to tell the world that it's enough now. No more bullshit! Let people decide for themselves. You are neither of gods!!

What exactly does that blurry picture of a person on the cover of "Neither of Gods" represent?

It represents a lot of stuff. It's basically up to what you personally get from it. If you don't see anything else than a picture and some colors, then you have to ask yourself what you are. I must say that when I buy an album I don't want to be served with all the answers, I want to make an opinion of my own. I can discuss my personal views with someone in private, but I won't give out all the details here. That would be to ruin all the fun for the fans...

How open are you towards new inspirations into your music?

It's always nice to be able to be open-minded and I think it enhances the music if the inspiration is handled with care. Our next album will probably have new elements but still sound very much THRONEAEON. We're playing Death Metal and that's how we're performing our music, but of course you can be inspired by anything from Black Sabbath and Depeche Mode to softporn soundtracks and Bacardi commercials.

Since you are on Hammerheart now, are you open to do more tours? Are there any plans already?

We would definitely love to go on tour through Europe and the States, but right now I don't have a clue what the future will bring. The only plans we have at the moment are to go on a Scandinavian tour together with our friends and label mates Exmortem (Denmark) and Blood Red Throne (Norway).

Thank you for this interview and the best of luck in the future. Any closing comments?

Thanks for the support. Anyone interested in THRONEAEON should definitely check out our website, which is where all the action takes place:, and also check out to hear some of our blasphemous tunes. Hope to see you all on tour and go buy our albums! Cheers...

Entered: 8/17/2001 5:24:41 PM

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