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Black Devotion

Czechia Country of Origin: Czechia

1. Prolog
2. Superior Will
3. Whisper Of Hope In Bloody Tears
4. Holy Poison
5. Eaten By Rats Forever
6. Loyality Of Honour
7. Altar Of Perversity
8. Message To Ages
9. Sign Of Hell
10. Way To Illumination Lies In Darkness
11. Epilog

Review by Wiley on July 11, 2010.

Hailing from the Czech Republic, our second wave friends Inferno have brought forth a firm and well done album with ten times the ferocity of their brothers. Without the conviction and passion searing through, this album could've very well fallen on it's face as a very derivative and rehashed bore. In all it's festering grit and rage is present empowering melody and a focus on hook and rythm. The contrast brings out all the elements that make a tight and concise tome of Black Metal.

Beginning with ambient noise, the album quickly jars the listener with a midpaced to double picked Dissection-esque guitar. The vocals are sick and torn, nothing less than full on abrasion much like Immortal meeting Dissection by way of old Bethlehem. The drums pummel in all the right places with cymbal inflections and fills opening up the more drawn out sections (never overdone). Unfortunately the bass gets lost much of the time in the hyperblasts of the drums, but this does not a bad mix make. The rhythm sections simply works more like a mechanical beast goring and chewing its way through every song. Overall this is a very biting Black Metal album....

The drawback being that this is a very easy listen. Sure, Inferno have the credibility of having been there in 1996 - but that can only carry one so far. Blackened to gourmet taste, the mix is raw and well compiled. Fluid black tones and crisp percussion find their way seering through at every moment. However, all the changes and movements are derivative of your favourite second wavers, nothing really new or flavorful to add to the brew. This will, of course, stir something within the most kvlt of fans wanting something new in the vein of Dissection, Immortal or even the more recent catchiness of Watain. For the rest who are waiting for something new and fresh amidst the black genre, this may not exactly sate your yearning.

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Rating: 6.9 out of 10