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MB Premiere: INFERNO - 'The Wailing Horizon'

Using layers of guitar tracks, abstruse vocal and sound textures, intricate martial rhythms and ominous dynamism, INFERNO have produced a surreal dreamscape inspired in part by the most obscure, forward-thinking records of BLUT AUS NORD and THE CURE, 70s-80s Post-punk and the ingenuity/sheer fanaticism found within the black metal canon.

Conceptually "Paradeigma" goes deep into psychology, cosmology and horror - primarily influenced by "The Cosmos as Self-Creation" from Czech writer Michal Ajvaz, "Time Reborn" by the physicist Lee Smolin and above all "The Red Book" of Carl Jung - to conjure, in the words of the band: "abstract visions of semi-liquid currents moving within a vast ontological structure where individual layers interact in unceasing cosmic dynamics".

Mournful and oppressive, delirious and strangely uplifting; "Paradeigma" is a dank, paradoxical and uniquely immersive piece of Luciferian Art which opens a portal to the beyond.


"Paradeigma (Phosphenes Of Aphotic Eternity)" will be released on CD, vinyl and digitally on May 7th. Pre-orders are possible via the label's EU shop (, Bandcamp (, and US shop (


Adramelech - Vocals
Ska-Gul - Guitars, Bass, Composition & Sound Manipulation
Morion - Guitars
Sheafraidh - Drums, Engineering
Hekte Zaren - Guest vocals


Entered: 3/5/2021 1:45:55 AM