MB on Spotify - February summary

Greetings fellow metalheads!

We've just gone through the second month of this year and it gave us really nice variety of music to listen to. Compared to January, where we could see a little slow down in releases, February looks like we all should have plenty of material to do some headbanging at pace whichever is most comfortable for your neck.

Starting off with singles, as usual. I think it's enough if I mention that among bands who gave us some teasers of their upcoming bigger releases this month we've got some new sounds from: Cannibal Corpse, Signs of the Swarm, Eyehategod, The Monolith Deathcult, Philm (without Dave Lombardo, though), Wormlight, Saille, Nordjevel, Abscession, Endseeker, The Crown, Vreid, Marianas Rest, Batushka (Krysiuk's one), Hedonihil, Einherjer, Memoriam and Veil of Maya (which is just a mixed list of the biggest bands and smaller bands that I'm personally excited about). A list that should probably get you through more than the whole shift can be found here:

EPs released in February also show growing trend amongst the bands to record some shorter pieces than full albums, but still more than just one song. The list of bands giving us extended plays this month are: ERRA, Neorhythm, Maestitium, Black Hole Deity, Cult of Luna, Serotonin Leakage/Charcuterie split, Amoriello, Grand Cadaver (old school Swedish death metal with Dark Tranquillity's vocalist), Demon King, Maudiir, Dopelord, BAEST, A Night in the Abyss, Sorcier des Glaces , acoustic EP from Epica, Anime Torment, Wolvencrown, Venomous, Shadows and Dead Register. You can find them all right here:

The list of full-lengths this month is also quite impressive, no matter if thinking about the amount of them or names that are there: Korpiklaani, Sirenia, Humanity's Last Breath (who gave us an instrumental version of the album as well), Aborym, THRON, Paranorm, Harakiri for the Sky, Moonspell, Fange (quite unusual 2-track album), Einherjer, Epica, Culted or Chainsword. To get to listen to them and plenty of other, less known or more avangarde releases, click on the link below:

February gave us two Dio live albums on Spotify to check out - "Holy Diver: Live" and "Evil or Divine: Live in New York City", also we got a live single from Devin Townsend's acoustic live show in Leeds, 2 tracks from Enforcer, 3 tracks from Psychonaut, 5 tracks from Whalesong and full live album from Ignitor. All of that music recorded live can be found here:

Material from Amon Sethis, MP, Scarlet Aura and Einherjer re-released especially for your enjoyment in February can be found here:

We also have got a compilation of tracks from Kreator - "Under the Guillotine" has special versions, regular versions, live versions, remixed versions and demo versions of their best tracks up to "Renewal" album:

Remember to buy merch from bands you enjoy listening from these playlists and mosh responsibly \m/\m/

Entered: 3/3/2021 11:55:16 AM