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MB Premiere: LUCIFUGE - 'Leviathan Arise'

Usually when I listen to a thrash metal album repeatedly, it means I'm sifting through the endless boredom for some sort of redeeming quality within the music. But not with LUCIFUGE and their upcoming album "Infernal Power"; I had this thing on repeat for hours and am still going back for another dose every now and again. You'll understand once you get a hold of the album that's set to be released through Dying Victims Productions April 30th 2021. But for now you can stick your hands out and try to catch some of that infernal glory with the preview track 'Leviathan Arise'.

From the swarm-esque guitar opening, raw and rugged vocals to the dynamic drum motions, LUCIFUGE will have you going back and forth in anticipation of the full length event. Apart from all that, this track has a production value I absolutely admire, it sounds very early 80s traditional metal influenced; and speaking of, just wait till you get to hear other songs on "Infernal Power" such as 'Black Battalions'. Don't want to reveal anymore of the goodness, so for anyone who loves the old days of traditional heavy metal, thrash metal and some black metal, get "Infernal Power" when it comes out, you will not be disappointed.


Matorralix - Bass
Dominatrix - Drums
Berenjenix - Guitars
Equinox - Vocals, Guitars


Entered: 3/9/2021 12:13:04 PM