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Genre: Heavy, NWOBHM

United Kingdom Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Hell, Fire And Damnation Hell, Fire And Damnation Full-Length 2024
More Inspirations More Inspirations Full-Length 2023
Carpe Diem Carpe Diem Full-Length 2022
Inspirations Inspirations Full-Length 2021
Thunderbolt Thunderbolt Full-Length 2018
Battering Ram Battering Ram Full-Length 2015
Sacrifice Sacrifice Full-Length 2013
Call To Arms Call To Arms Full-Length 2011
Into The Labyrinth Into The Labyrinth Full-Length 2009
The Inner Sanctum The Inner Sanctum Full-Length 2007
Lionheart Lionheart Full-Length 2004
Heavy Metal Thunder Heavy Metal Thunder Full-Length 2002
Killing Ground Killing Ground Full-Length 2001
Metalhead Metalhead Full-Length 1999
Unleash The Beast Unleash The Beast Full-Length 1997
Dogs Of War Dogs Of War Full-Length 1995
Forever Free Forever Free Full-Length 1992
Solid Ball Of Rock Solid Ball Of Rock Full-Length 1990
Destiny Destiny Full-Length 1988
Rock The Nations Rock The Nations Full-Length 1986
Innocence Is No Excuse Innocence Is No Excuse Full-Length 1985
Crusader Crusader Full-Length 1984
Power & The Glory Power & The Glory Full-Length 1983
Denim And Leather Denim And Leather Full-Length 1981
Strong Arm Of The Law Strong Arm Of The Law Full-Length 1980
Wheels Of Steel Wheels Of Steel Full-Length 1980
Saxon Saxon Full-Length 1979