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MB Premiere: ANARKHON - 'Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple' full album stream

Debemur Morti Productions are proud to unleash the vinyl edition of an overlooked occult Death Metal masterpiece from foulest 2020, courtesy of ANARKHON from São Paulo, Brazil.

Truly deserved of a wider audience, ANARKHON have produced a killer compendium of cryptic, Lovecraftian old school Death Metal. Each and every enigmatic riff possessed with the majesty of arcane knowledge, every rotted atmosphere and bludgeoning rhythm on point, each otherworldly vocal inflection a coffin dragged into ancient depths.


Aron Romero comments: "I recommend listening at night, alone, because when it is dark, when our limited eyes cannot see through the darkness, then you start wondering if there's something there looking at you. And this album is a perfect soundtrack for that. The potential and coldness of the album becomes clear as soon as the first song starts."

"Phantasmagorical Personification Of The Death Temple" will be released on vinyl on March 26th. Pre-orders are possible via the label's EU shop (, Bandcamp (, and US shop (


Kleber Hastur - Guitars
Jean Raimi - Bass
Aron Romero - Guitar/Vocals
W. Backer - Drums


Entered: 3/17/2021 10:46:47 AM