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MB Premiere: SERAPH IN TRAVAIL - 'A Black Death Incense' full album stream

Philly symphonic death metal outfit SERAPH IN TRAVAIL is excited to announce the release of their third full-length album coming up on March 19th, 2021. "A Black Death Incense" is the follow up to their well-received previous albums "Bring Forth Death" and "Lest They Feed Upon Your Soul", as they forge their craft without limits in endless sonic shapes with horrifying and devilish character.

"A Black Death Incense" brings together the Scandinavian black/death-sound with epic symphonic arrangements and a complexity that rewards multiple listens. Heavy guitar riffs are accompanied with battle drums and layered synths carried along by majestic instrumentation with big soundscapes and punchy production. Comprised of strong melodies, bombastic sound, symphonic layerings and soaring vocals, SERAPH IN TRAVAIL has never been more impressive!

"A Black Death Incense" features 8 new powerful symphonic black/death tracks blending the brutality and darkness with beauty, light and romantic decadence. From 'Fixed And Dilated' to 'Across Bloody Waters' SERAPH IN TRAVAIL achieves a sound that's at same time brutal and intense, yet beautiful and melodic.

Seraph In Travail

Band comments: "We are morbidly pleased and bitterly eager to present our third full-length recording this March. We have spent two years sharpening these eight tracks down to a bladed edge that we hope is worthy of the metal listener. As blacksmiths and armorers of old, we hope this most recent iteration of our craft will serve to arm and fortify you for whatever lies ahead."


Jonathan Sutherland - Vocals
Dan Shegue - Guitar
Mike Shaw - Drums


Entered: 3/18/2021 8:04:03 AM