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Unholy Terror

United States Country of Origin: United States

Unholy Terror
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Type: Full-Length
Release Date: 2001
Genre: Classic, Heavy, Rock
1. Let It Roar
2. Hate To Love Me
3. Loco-Motive Man
4. Unholy Terror
5. Charisma
6. Who Slayed Baby Jane?
7. Euphoria
8. Raven Heart
9. Evermore
10. Wasted White Boys

Review by Krys on September 8, 2001.

It doesn’t get any harder than to write a review to a CD of one of the bands you grew up with. Like it was yesterday, I remember buying their first self-titled album and hiding it from my parents in fear of heaving it taken away. Being one of the most controversial bands of the eighties, both lyrically and image-wise, WASP terrified everyone from hags to married couples, from priests to politicians occupying their sleepless nights thinking of what effect would WASP music have on the youth of this world.

“Unholy Terror” represents the eighth chapter in a colorful band’s career that amazingly takes us back to its glorious days and gets more attention with every release. But would this trend continue? I think so... although I have some doubts. The lyrics are as provocative as ever. Blackie’s thoughtful booklet intro walks you through his state of mind and explains main ideas behind each track and let me assure you since WASP is not all sex, drugs and rock and roll there is a lot to read. And music... well, in short, take their first two albums, give it better arrangements, sound and production and that’s your “Unholy Terror”. I don’t think I’d ever have enough of Blackie’s vocals but the music doesn’t send any chills through my spine and that’s not good.

Maybe I should see a doctor and check my head but as good as “Unholy Terror” is, it misses some of the early magic from “The Last Command” or “The Headless Children”. Picking the favorite track is almost impossible cause all of them are on this same quality level, good, old WASP – and that’s what “Unholy Terror” is for – old fans.

Bottom Line: Every old fan of the band would be more than satisfied with a new (classic) W.A.S.P. release but I’m not sure if “Unholy Terror” will bring them some new followers since Blackie & Co. have already done this before.

Rating: 7 out of 10