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Genre: Heavy, Rock

United States Country of Origin: United States

Dominator Dominator Full-Length 2007
The Neon God - Part 1: The Rise The Neon God - Part 1: The Rise Full-Length 2004
The Neon God - Part 2: The Demise The Neon God - Part 2: The Demise Full-Length 2004
Dying For The World Dying For The World Full-Length 2002
Still Not Black Enough Still Not Black Enough Full-Length 2001
Unholy Terror Unholy Terror Full-Length 2001
Best Of The Best Best Of The Best Compilation 2000
The Sting (Live) The Sting (Live) Live 2000
Helldorado Helldorado Full-Length 1999
Kill Fuck Die Kill Fuck Die Full-Length 1997
The Crimson Idol The Crimson Idol Full-Length 1992
The Headless Children The Headless Children Full-Length 1989
Live... In The Raw Live... In The Raw Live 1987
Inside The Electric Circus Inside The Electric Circus Full-Length 1986
The Last Command The Last Command Full-Length 1985
W.A.S.P. W.A.S.P. Full-Length 1984