Cover   Album Title Type Year
  Paganizer / Master Split 2019

  Total Destruction Split 2019

Media   Vindictive Miscreant Full-Length 2018

Media   An Epiphany Of Hate Full-Length 2016

Media   Pay To Die Live EP 2016

Media Review   The Witchhunt Full-Length 2013

Media Review   The New Elite Full-Length 2012

  Smile As You're Told Single 2011

Review   The Human Machine Full-Length 2010

  Slaves To Society Full-Length 2007

  Four More Years Of Terror Full-Length 2005

  The Spirit Of The West Full-Length 2004

  Unreleased 1985 Album Full-Length 2003

  Let's Start A War Full-Length 2002

  Follow Your Savior EP 2001

  Live At Mexico City (Video/DVD) Live 2000

  Faith Is In Season Full-Length 1998

Media Review   Collection Of Souls Full-Length 1993

  On The Seventh Day God Created... Master Full-Length 1992

  Master Full-Length 1990

Total Albums: 20