Cover   Album Title Type Year
Media Review   Ghostly White Full-Length 2018

  Below The Deck Of Opulence / The Figure Of Uneasiness Split 2014

  Surreal Overdose Full-Length 2011

  Inject The Ugliness EP 2007

  As The Weird Travel On Full-Length 2005

  Legions Of Arrggghhhh Compilation 2004

  Rotten To The Core Full-Length 2004

  Corpses, Souls & Other Strangeness Compilation 2003

  The Radiation Years Compilation 2002

  Up The Tombstones!!! Live 2000 Live 2002

  Zombie Hymns Compilation 2002

  Behind The Mourner's Veil EP 2001

  Supernatural Addiction Full-Length 2000

  Fearless Undead Machines Full-Length 1997

  The Blueprint For Madness Full-Length 1995

  The 13 Frightened Souls EP 1993

  Luck Of The Corpse Full-Length 1992

Total Albums: 17