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Genre: Heavy

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Touchdown Touchdown Full-Length 2023
Game Over Game Over Full-Length 2021
Steelfactory Steelfactory Full-Length 2018
Decadent Decadent Full-Length 2015
Steelhammer Steelhammer Full-Length 2013
Rev-Raptor Rev-Raptor Full-Length 2011
Dominator Dominator Full-Length 2009
Mastercutor Mastercutor Full-Length 2007
Mission No. X Mission No. X Full-Length 2005
Thunderball Thunderball Full-Length 2004
Man And Machine Man And Machine Full-Length 2002
Holy Holy Full-Length 1999
No Limits No Limits Full-Length 1998
Solid Solid Full-Length 1997
Timebomb Timebomb Full-Length 1991
Faceless World Faceless World Full-Length 1990
Mean Machine Mean Machine Full-Length 1989
Animal House Animal House Full-Length 1987