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Genre: Gothic, Melodic

Germany Country of Origin: Germany

Unbroken Unbroken Full-Length 2020
Oblivion Oblivion Full-Length 2018
Monument Monument Full-Length 2016
Antiserum Antiserum Full-Length 2014
Infinity Infinity Full-Length 2010
Pray Pray Full-Length 2008
Klagebilder Klagebilder Full-Length 2006
Live Revolution Live Revolution Live 2005
Revolution Revolution Full-Length 2004
Remind Remind Video/VHS 2001
Believe Believe Full-Length 2000
Act Seven Act Seven Full-Length 1999
Early Years Early Years Compilation 1999
Awake Awake Full-Length 1997
Live... At The Out Of The Dark Festivals Live... At The Out Of The Dark Festivals Live 1997
Crematory Crematory Full-Length 1996
Illusions Illusions Full-Length 1995
…Just Dreaming …Just Dreaming Full-Length 1994
Transmigration Transmigration Full-Length 1993