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Genre: Symphonic

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

Leviathan Leviathan Full-Length 2021
Beloved Antichrist Beloved Antichrist Full-Length 2018
Les Épaves Les Épaves EP 2016
Les Fleurs Du Mal Les Fleurs Du Mal Full-Length 2012
Sitra Ahra Sitra Ahra Full-Length 2010
The Miskolc Experience The Miskolc Experience Live 2009
Live Gothic Live Gothic DVD 2008
Live Gothic Live Gothic Live 2008
Gothic Kabbalah Gothic Kabbalah Full-Length 2007
Lemuria / Sirius B Lemuria / Sirius B Full-Length 2004
Secret Of The Runes Secret Of The Runes Full-Length 2001
Deggial Deggial Full-Length 2000
Crowning Of Atlantis Crowning Of Atlantis Full-Length 1999
Vovin Vovin Full-Length 1998
A A'arab Zaraq Lucid Dreaming Full-Length 1997
Theli Theli Full-Length 1996
Lepaca Kliffoth Lepaca Kliffoth Full-Length 1995
Symphony Masses:Ho Drakon Ho Megas Symphony Masses:Ho Drakon Ho Megas Full-Length 1993
Beyond Sanctorum Beyond Sanctorum Full-Length 1992
Of Darkness… Of Darkness… Full-Length 1991