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Genre: Death

Sweden Country of Origin: Sweden

No Sign Of Life No Sign Of Life Full-Length 2021
The Hunt For White Christ The Hunt For White Christ Full-Length 2018
Dawn Of The Nine Dawn Of The Nine Full-Length 2015
Odalheim Odalheim Full-Length 2012
As Yggdrasil Trembles As Yggdrasil Trembles Full-Length 2010
Hammer Battalion Hammer Battalion Full-Length 2008
Midvinterblot Midvinterblot Full-Length 2006
Sworn Allegiance Sworn Allegiance Full-Length 2004
Hell Hell's Unleashed Full-Length 2002
Warrior Warrior Full-Length 1997
Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland Eastern Blood - Hail To Poland Live 1996
Victory Victory Full-Length 1995
Across The Open Sea Across The Open Sea Full-Length 1993
Live In Vienna Live In Vienna '93 Live 1993
Shadows In The Deep Shadows In The Deep Full-Length 1992
Where No Life Dwells Where No Life Dwells Full-Length 1991