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Genre: Groove, Industrial

United States Country of Origin: United States

Aggression Continuum Aggression Continuum Full-Length 2021
Genexus Genexus Full-Length 2015
The Industrialist The Industrialist Full-Length 2012
Recharger Recharger Single 2012
Mechanize Mechanize Full-Length 2010
The Best Of Fear Factory The Best Of Fear Factory Compilation 2006
Transgression Transgression Full-Length 2005
Live On The Sunset Strip Live On The Sunset Strip EP 2005
Archetype Archetype Full-Length 2004
Concrete Concrete Full-Length 2002
Digital Connectivity Digital Connectivity DVD 2001
Digimortal Digimortal Full-Length 2001
Cars Cars EP 1999
Obsolete Obsolete Full-Length 1998
Revolution Revolution EP 1998
Burn Burn EP 1997
Demanufacture Demanufacture Full-Length 1995
Fear Is The Mindkiller Fear Is The Mindkiller EP 1993
Soul Of A New Machine Soul Of A New Machine Full-Length 1992