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Soilwork is a band that continues to push the boundaries of the music which they create. Released in February of this year, “A Predator’s Portrait”, Soilwork’s third full-length album, has already become one of the most talked about releases of this year. Even people like former Judas Priest vocalist, Rob Halfold, can’t help but take notice of this sonic metal force slowly taking over the metal underground. So what does the band think of all this? Well, I recently spoke to the guitarist, Peter Wichers, to give us the low down on his thoughts on that and much more.

Adam Block

Your new album, “A Predator's Portrait”, has been getting rave reviews from basically every magazine and metal source out there right now. How does that make you guys feel?

Well, what can I say! We didn't expect this at all! We are overwhelmed and we hope that the hype keeps on going he he!

This album is obviously a pretty big step forward from “The Chainheart Machine” album. Were you worried at all about how the fans might react to the more progressive touches and use of clean vocals for the record?

Of course, that was a big issue. But then we thought, we aren't making music for others, we make all the music for ourselves, and we never make music that we don't like ourselves! But since the reactions have been so great, we are glad that people liked our new direction!

Was this album also a way of getting back at all those people who labeled you guys as an At The Gates rip off?

He he, perhaps people think that! But that comment has actually never affected us in any way. This is just a thing that magazine people write because they can’t call it "ORIGINAL", but we wanted to make something different for this album, and I think that we are standing out in this type of metal right now!

Many bands such as yourself and bands like Arch Enemy, for example, are all grouped together and branded as Melodic Death Metal. Do you feel comfortable being labeled in such a way? Do you think this label fits your sound at all?

I guess that the thing that you actually can compare us and Arch Enemy with, is the guitar solos, but aside from that we have nothing in common!

Shortly after the release of “A Predator's Portrait”, you guys went off to play some European dates with Nevermore on their tour. How did that go?

Let me tell ya! This was the ride of a lifetime! We got a great response and we became very good friends with Nevermore!
We can’t wait to go back on tour again and drink one of Nevermore’s Drinks, "THE DEADONE"

How was the crowd's reaction to some of the new material?

Fantastic! It seemed as if the crowd liked the new stuff and since the new stuff perhaps is a bit more groovy, it was easier to get the people to mosh he he!

How does it feel to have the metal god himself, Rob Halford, raving about you guys?

It’s probably the worst thing that happened to us!

I think that it’s one of the best promotions a band actually can get!

You guys have been experimenting a lot, especially with the new album with the use of clean vocals and things like that. Do you think that you guys have finally found a sound you can call your own?

That's a tricky question, but that is what we are aiming for! That's up to the crowd to decide, but I think that we have our own sound!

As most of us have heard by now, Carlos is no longer a member of Soilwork. What were the main reasons for him leaving the band, and are you guys still relatively close even though you do not play together anymore? Any word yet on a replacement or a fill in while you are on tour this year?

Well! I think that all of the people that have been on the site have got Carlos’s opinion about this matter!
He basically didn't want to tour anymore, and I guess that it takes a very strong personality to get through 30 days in a bus!

We haven't decided weather to use a new keyboard player or DAT tape, but we have a "STAND-IN" keyboardist for the Japanese showcase in June! He plays keyboards in a Swedish progressive metal band called Evergrey!

He is doing very well at the moment, but I guess that it's too soon to give you a definite answer to you're question yet!

Do you think it is likely that Carlos will do the cover art for your next album like he did with your latest album?

The possibilities are good. He has given us some ideas of the next one and the ideas are pretty cool! Perhaps???

So what’s next for Soilwork as far as touring plans are concerned?

Well, we have Japan right now. I guess that it’s the closest to a tour that we have right now.
We are also going to be attending the Milwaukee Metal Fest, Wacken Open Air and some shows in Sweden!

Apart from that we are going to be pretty occupied with the songwriting for the upcoming album after the Japanese showcase!

It has been overheard that you guys all already exciting about writing new material, and even getting into the studio by the end of this year. I got to ask you man...Are you serious!?

He he! We are pretty eager to get things going, and as a friend once told me! If you don't show yourself, you don't exist! So yes, we are planning on going into the Studio in the late fall!

With the last album and its Japanese import, you cleaned up the track 'Shadowchild' a little bit and placed it on your new album. Is it possible you guys might do the same thing with 'Asylum Dance'? Because the song, by the way, is probably one of the most intelligent and catchy songs you have ever recorded!

Thanks, that really pisses me off, because we thought that this song was too good to be as a JAPANESE bonus track! But no! I don't think that we will be re-recording the song for the next album!

Now on to the fun stuff...just how tall is your bassist Ola Flink? In the band photos I have seen he towers over everyone in the band!

He is by far the tallest man in the band! You can see him onstage, and he is a tall fucker, I don't know what his parents have been feeding him hehe!

What is in your cd player at the moment? What bands do you listen to in your spare time if any?

Well, I have recently gotten into Nevermore, after touring with them! So, the latest album with Nevermore has been spinning for a while in my cd player!

Who got you into playing guitar? Who are some of your influences?

The never-ending question!

Here are a few who I really like:
Mikael Schenker
Steve Vai
Some Malmsteen stuff (far from everything)
Mattias "IA" Eklundh
Zack Wylde
These are only a few...

Well thank you so much for the interview Peter! Any final words?

Keep your eyes open for any upcoming gigs both in USA and in Europe, we might be heading you're way!!!!!!!

Entered: 5/31/2001 5:24:41 PM

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