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Terror 2000 caught a lot of people of guard when they released their debut album 'Slaughterhouse Supremacy'. Many were expecting a mix between Soilwork and Darkane since the band includes members from both groups, but what they got was a non stop and relentless attack of pure thrash from front to back. With the sudden and surprising success of this project, one cannot help but wonder if the members are planning on keeping Terror 2000 going and if so for how long? To shed some light on the mystery, I spoke to guitarist Klas Ideberg for some in depth info on the past, present, and future of Terror2000!

Adam Block

Starting off, I would like to congratulate you and the band for creating such a dynamic and magnificent debut album in "Slaughterhouse Supremacy". How do you feel about all the positive reviews for the release?

It’s bloody great to see that people liked the album, since it was mainly a fun thing for all of us (in Terror).

For those of us who don't know. Give us a brief summary on how Terror2000 initially came together.

Terror 2000 was formed when me and Strid had a discussion about forming a pure thrash band ala the 80s, meaning pure aggression, not much of the melodic thing in the music. So, after a few weeks after the first discussion Terror 2000 was born.

How do you think Scarlet Records in handling business? Will you guys more than likely record your next album on this label as well?

They have been handling it quite good actually. So if there are no other bigger company bids we will do the next album on Scarlet.

Speaking about the next record, do you guys have any new material written as of now?

We have actually just started to make songs for the forthcoming album. The new drummer is coming down from Stockholm to rehearse with us this coming weekend. That’s going to be cool. His name is Erik and is a friend of Henry Ranta’s. The music is going to be like it is on “Slaughterhouse Supremacy”

If you could describe your music in word, what would it be?

Thrash/speed metal. That’s it I think.

Who are some the band's greatest musical influences?

Slayer, Destruction, Sodom, Forbidden among others.

Many people know you as a member of the band Darkane and they know Ranta and Strid from Soilwork... How do you try to separate yourselves from these other bands you are associated with?

When it comes to Defaced versus the other bands there are no problems since Defaced is so different compared to them. But when it comes to Terror and Darkane problems could occur since the styles are somewhat like each other. But I must say there’s a certain touch of inbreed in the Helsingborg metal scene. Hehe.

Being a member of all these musical projects, does the constant work ever become overwhelming for you?

It hasn’t for the moment but oh yeah, there was a very hectic period last year when I had to make songs for the coming Darkane album and on the same time record a promo with The Defaced (which we eventually got signed with). In the same time I also had a lot of school work to do in the university, so I ended up only writing two songs for the new Darkane release.

Back to the band... I have heard many fans talk about the new direction of Soilwork using clean vocals who fear that Terror2000 might follow suit with this style. What do you have to say to these worried individuals?

They do not have to worry. The new Terror album is going to be even harder and faster than the last one and there will also be a few heavy songs on it. So to sum it up; no soft vocals will heard.

Who writes the music and lyrics for Terror2000 and what do your lyrics talk about?

It’s mainly Strid who does them but the lyrics are mostly a lot of bullshit things. They are not planned at all. We will hopefully do a better job with the lyrics for the next album.

Are you guys influenced by other bands musically or lyrically?

Musically were influenced by a lot of different bands and music but when it comes to lyrics I don’t know. All I can say is that they are very retro.

What do you think of what bands like Sepultura and Metallica are doing now?

I don’t like what they are doing at all. Sepultura hasn’t got anything left of the thrashy side and Metallica is just wimpy but of course, they are old men now, haha.

This might be a little premature, but do you guys have any touring plans scheduled for sometime in the near future?

No, not what I know of anyway, but I hope that someday we will tour with Terror. With The Defaced and Darkane there will be touring.

Well I would like to thank you so much for the interview. It has been an honor speaking with you! Any final words?

A big fucking hail to all Terror 2000 fans around the globe. Hope to see you soon. And hey, check out The Defaced new album “Domination Commence” the forthcoming autumn and don’t forget Darkane’s new album “Insanity”.

Entered: 5/30/2001 5:24:41 PM

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