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What has Johnny Cash to do with hemorrhoids? Well, about this and of course about the need of their latest EP "Panic Prayer" released by Inhuman Condition (read review here). I've talked with their vocalist / drummer Jeramie Kling in very spontaneous interview via Zoom. Check out their records if you still haven't heard them, this is really some old school death metal done by really enthusiastic and grounded guys! Enjoy reading! 


Jeramie, you just released a new EP with Inhuman Condition called "Panic Prayer" on which are three new songs, a Blue Öyster Cult cover and four live songs. Why did you decide to release this one? I mean, you just released your last full-length in 2022 and after this the cover song-EP with all the cover songs from "Fearsick"?

Yeah, we just put them all together because the fans were just like "please put these all in one plate" and we said yeah! That wasn't the point but okay if you guys are interested and so fuck it, let's do a bootleg. So we just bootlegged our own shit, it is what it is, here we are! So why? Man, I don't know. Taylor and I we're absolutely crazy. I say it all the time, there is like a screw broken in the on-position. It's not like hard to do it, it's not like it's easy but the creative bug is always flowing, it's always there. So we've released "Fearsick" and it was rolling a couple of months and I said a couple of new tunes would be cool. So we said maybe two new songs and maybe a cover, I don't know. So we jammed on something and basically wrote all of the final credits right then. Immediately after that we wrote "Civilized Holocaust" and we were like "wow, this is cool!". When I came home from the gym one day and just heard the Blue Öyster Cult song and was like "damn, if we did that in d-standard with nasty guitars and we just out on this and all of that that could be like fun. This could be a fucking killer!". So I went home and asked Taylor what he thought about "Godzilla" and he said that he'd love that. I mean that's kind of what happens, like I'll have an idea, he'll have an idea, we'll wanna run by each other and the other person goes "let's do it!". Green lightning. There is not much red lightning that we do to each other. And we said maybe instead of two songs and a cover, why don't we give a little bit more and put some live stuff on it? So we started scrubbing for some audio and we found some pretty killer ones and we settled on that. So we recorded all my drums, all the vocals, bass, guitar, everything. Then my grandmother passed away and I flew up to Michigan and her service was on a Tuesday at 11 AM. My family and I had a meeting with the preacher before and my grandmother never had no iconography around her house. She never talked about being religious and if she had faith, she kept that to herself and never pushed it on to anybody else. She didn't even have a picture of Jesus in her house and I've been over there a lot. There was never anything. So the preacher said that he wouldn't preach and what do we know about people who say that they don't ever do something? They pretty much just gonna do that. So he was talking like my grandmother was like holding Christ's hand her whole life and on the other side she doesn’t need her faith anymore because on the other side it will be redundant and  I became pretty mad about that. At that moment I wrote the entire chorus for "Panic Prayer" within a split second. I had a copy / paste pleasantries cause that's all the shit is. You're just saying whatever about you doesn't mean it, you're just saying it. After I flew home I also wrote all the drums and the whole bridge is very complex. If you listen to it - it's really tech. It's one of the most tech things that we've done so far.  So the day I came back home I told Taylor that we had to do another song, I tracked the drums in 30 minutes. Then the next day we left to go with Umbilicus, Taylors 70s rock band with Paul from Cannibal Corpse and did three shows straight in a row. But I had to puke these drums out immediately. And the next week we  watched "Escape From L.A." where at the end of the movie the president starts panicking because Cuba is invading and the guy from L.A. is threatening to blow up everything and he says "I have to go pray" and leaves the room and so Taylor said "wow, he said it like a panic prayer". So we had the title and it all came synonymously came in. And so Taylor wrote the guitars for it and they are so fantastic, the song is so aggressive! Especially we write the drums first and turn it over. We did "Tyrantula" like that as well. I wrote all the drums for it just with the metronome and I had an idea of how I wanted the vibe. And Taylor came up with an amazing slab of guitar riffs that hit me back (laughs). That's the reason why the EP got three new songs instead of only two ones.

So what about the "Civilized Holocaust"? Was it written with the impression of the war in Ukraine or is it more some fantasy lyrics that you deal with?

No, not with the Ukrainian war but if it's taken that way then, cool, because music is meant to be expressive. I tend to write about societal topics, people who I notice, who everybody notices. We're now coming out of dark ages to where we have names for, people who are sociopaths, narcissists, we understand what gaslighting is. When I was 20 I had no clue about any of that, when I was in my teens, I had no road map, no idea, I just met all these people and got fucked over (laughs). I mean I'm a nice guy, I'm trusting, I give everybody the benefit of the doubt so folks like that will take advantage of folks like me (laughs). I just write from a place of like "fuck yourself". If that comes across as like the situation is going on with Ukraine and Russia, okay…I mean it fits anywhere. It fits in your job, it fits in your family. It's just the time to start over, it's just a cycle. If you just see so many around you, you eventually come to a point where you say "I'm good, I don't want any more of this! Fuck right off, there's the door, get out of here!" (laughs).

Now that you've mentioned narcissists, what do you think about the process against Donald Trump? I remember we talked about him the last time, too.

Well, it's the same shit. It's a joke. It's television, not even good television. It's entertainment and unfortunately there are our leaders and it's whole-heartedly embarrassing on both sides. Biden isn't apt and on the other side is Trump and he isn't apt in another way. Trump illuminated things like he opened the door and let us all see what was going on behind the curtain and they shut the curtain. Now we know that what do we do with that information? Dug, dismiss, cover and hide? This is your decision! (laughs) It's a really scary world. I don't create for massive financial gain, I don't create because I go out for a show and people want to take photos with me or get stuff signed by me. I don't do it for that. I'm just a creative light bulb and it just happens and everything else is a byproduct. I love meeting people and I love taking photos and signing and especially when someone's says "hey this song moved me like that". That's what happened to me with The Absence that people telling me they were in a war and they put "Riders Of The Plague" on in their tank before they went in and were blasting cities and taking down buildings and shooting bad guys, whatever the term "bad guys" means cause that's all subjective, right? So these guys told me that this music really got them and thanked me, that's really touching. That's the point - to get somebody through a dark moment or illuminate something for someone. That's perfect and that's the real reason for doing it. Everything else is just secondary stuff.

Well, I totally agree with you – this should be the biggest reason for making music!

For me it is. Look what I got out about my grandmother. That just came out and now it's done. I had an emotional feeling about it and then I got to put it into something. Now everybody can hear it and if it means something else to some of them – perfect! That's exactly what it's supposed to mean. The actual and true intentions don't really matter. I mean "The Ring Of Fire" was in a hemorrhoid commercial for fucks sake! I mean you know that Johnny Cash wasn't talking about hemorrhoids but you pair that with the hemorrhoid commercial, haha! If you want it to fit and it means that, well then it means that, haha!

"Ring Of Fire" – what a cool metaphor, haha!!

Yeah, it was on daytime television and it was "Burn, burn, burn, the ring of fire…" and I was like come on….who the fuck authorized this? Johnny Cash stated "yeah, that's cool, we use that for this"? Holy shit, haha!!!

Coming back to Inhuman Condition and having a look at the covers – you still have that evil guy on the cover. Do you think it could become such an iconic figure like Eddie for Iron Maiden or the Rattlehead for Megadeth are?

Well, the kind of the way the band works is like lightning strikes. If it hits and something makes sense then - cool. When I was tracking the guitars I was sitting at my studio just as right now. Taylor was tracking his guitars and while he was tracking, we're doing like whole long takes and I had like three minutes to whatever, so I'm sitting there and started drawing with the pencil and drew some really scary looking stick figures. The third time I drew it, it looked pretty close "Fearsick" looks right now. I took a picture of it, dumped it on my wife's iPad, did some digital water coloring over it and got some color schemes going on. Then I sent it over to Dan (Goldsworthy; M.) and told him "I think the Rat God guy is gonna be here, I think he's gonna be pulling some bodies". I originally had him with a little wheelbarrow. Dan is so great, he homeruns that fucking shit every time! So he sent back the sketches and we were totally flashed. Something similar happened with the EP. Waking up in the morning I just had flashed of seeing like all black and then just like sank in a picture of I guess was the Rat God guy behind some blinds. And then I had like a street corner and drew it like a further away view. Again it was very rudimentary stuff but enough to get the point across. And Dan just could take and run with it and with what he came back for the EP was absolutely impressive for me. This cover rules! It more minimum, more of a focus yet none because there is no focus, it is so genius. So Dan thanked us for making it all black because it was his original idea, too. He was taken completely out of his comfort zone without having so many details nor a background and he was happy that he had to change his way to think about it. So I don't know, there are some other ideas and that does maybe incorporate the Rat God guy but maybe less of him. Maybe he's still there, maybe it's someone else. We don't really know, we're just kind of lighting our strike and it will tell us what to do.

You are working pretty fast usually so what about a new full-length album?

We actually have nothing written. But that doesn't mean that it could come like in an afternoon or like three afternoons. We were just talking that it would be really cool to make something new, maybe a new single or whatever. We have lots of stuff happening and it kinda comes. Something is itching and burning to go and do that. So it's there- I don't know if we're gonna do it next summer because that would be an incredible break. It might but I don't think it will be. We didn't intend to set up like this pace, it just kind of been coming. While some of it takes effort and work it's no force. It just kind of been boiling out. A bit of a break and some touring would have been great, too (laughs).

So what about touring? Do you have some plans for it? Maybe in Germany or a European tour?

We were actually talking with an agency over there and we have some stuff happening over here in the States. I mean it's obviously much easier over here but it looks good. Maybe next summer we'll see some shows over there. We got our fingers crossed and a lot of irons in the fire so there's lot of talks already. I hope it works, I love Germany. It's a beautiful country, amazing fans, even better sausages and Schnitzel. I don't drink beer but I love non-alcoholic Weizenbier, that's amazing!

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