SECRETS OF THE MOON Released Video for 'Man Behind the Sun'

SECRETS OF THE MOONhave released a video for the new track 'Man Behind the Sun' from full-length albumSun that came out last year on December 5th viaLupus Lounge.

Vocalist/guitarist sG spoke about the track and video: "We've been eager to work with director Philipp Hirsch for many years ever since we saw his fantastic work for Disillusion. This time we succeeded to convince him and it has been an inspirational cooperation right from the start. We talked a lot about my inspirations and Philipp soon developed his very own ideas about the man behind the sun. The lyrics deal with the inner conscience, experiences you have done, things you want to shake off until you realize that they have become an engaging part of you existence. What would you be without the foul deeds and manners you have done in life?"

Entered: 2/23/2016 10:56:29 AM

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