MetalBite - Important Status Update.

As most of you have noticed, couple days ago our website went back in time to mid February. It was due to the security breach on ALL Windows services at our hosting company. To protect the customers and their data they have disabled all Windows-based Shared and VPS services and started the process of restoring and verifying data from backups. This took almost a full week and the best they could do was restoration from almost 2-month-old backup!

This far from perfect solution would make grown man cry but not metalheads at MetalBite. Right now we are in the process of manually restoring missing data from those last 2 months and while some news and articles will get lost, all reviews and interviews should start showing back up within next few days.

So, please be patient and bear with us for the next few days and by this time next week we should be operating at our full speed and focused on current events.

Entered: 4/29/2019 11:19:46 PM