The Week In Metal - Week Of April 29 - May 5, 2019

What an eventful last couple of weeks we had... our hosting company suffered a security breach and to protect customers data they took all servers offline and then restored them from old backups to avoid any chance of reinstalling that malicious malware. A process that took a week! That brought us back to mid February as far as any database updates but what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, right? Well, it took me another week to manually restore missing data and we still lost some news and past installments of this column so, I guess this makes it an official restart of my Week in Metal page.

And what is Week in Metal? Every Monday I'll try to create a list of what was released in a previous week with a goal of finding hidden music treasures and saving you hours of Internet browsing. This is not a top list or a ranking, if you like me and always on a lookout for good music this listing will hopefully just make it a little bit easier by consolidating everything into one place.

And what a week it was! Long time running, heavy hitters are sprinkled across this list with new albums from Amon Amarth, Kampfar, Origin, Ringworm and Deiphago just to name a few. There's a very strong showing from black metal genre with new Sxuperion, Pa Vesh En (for which you can read reviews on our site), Sol Sistere, Stellar Master Elite and experimental, bizarre record from Túrin Turambar that will get your blood pumping a bit faster. Actually, I'm convinced that everyone will find something to their liking since below list ranges form traditional heavy metal, rock to brutal death, black and everything in between so, sit back and hit play.

Obviously that in no way is a complete index and no sane person can ever claim to generate one, that's why I hope in a comment section below you can point me into the records I missed or bands to keep an eye on.

Till next week...

Death, industrial metal from United States: At Home In Hell - Self Identified Deity (Independent)


Melodic, death, viking metal from Sweden: Amon Amarth - Berserker (Metal Blade Records)


Black, Death metal from United States: Appalling - Inverted Realm (Redefining Darkness Records)


Heavy metal from United Kingdom: Asomvel - World Shaker (Heavy Psych Sounds)


Heavy metal from United States: Black Dawn - On Blackened Wings (Pavement Entertainment)


Death metal from United Kingdom: Body Harvest - Parasitic Slavery (Comatose Music)


Thrash, melodic metal from Canada: Invicta - Halls Of Extinction (Independent)


Black, pagan metal from Norway: Kampfar - Ofidians Manifest (Indie Recordings)


Rock, heavy metal from Finland: Midnight Bullet - Into The Fire (Inverse Records)


Death, technical, brutal metal from United States: Origin - Abiogenesis - A Coming Into Existence (Agonia Records)


Deathcore from United Kingdom: Osiah - Kingdom Of Lies (Unique Leader Records)


Black metal from Belarus: Pa Vesh En - Cryptic Rites Of Necromancy (Iron Bonehead Productions)


Heavy metal from Denmark: Pectora - Untaken (Mighty Music)


Thrash, hardcore from United States: Ringworm - Death Becomes My Voice (Relapse Records)


Black, atmospheric metal from Chile: Sol Sistere - Extinguished Cold Light (Hammerheart Records)


Black, doom metal from Germany: Stellar Master Elite - Hologram Temple (Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork)


Black, death metal from United States: Sxuperion - Endless Spiritual Embodiment (Bloody Mountain Records)


Black, atmospheric metal from United States: Mavradoxa - Nightmarrow (Hypnotic Dirge Records)


Black, experimental metal from Poland: Túrin Turambar - Czas Braku Wojny (Pagan Records)


Black metal from Sweden: Murdryck - Födelsen (Leviaphonic Records)


Thrash, black metal from Belarus: Verwüstung - Gospel Ov Fury (Handful Of Hate)


Thrash metal from Italy: Violentor - Putrid Stench (Infernö Records)


Black, death metal from Philippines: Deiphago - I, The Devil (Hells Headbangers Records)


Death metal from Mexico: Rotting Grave - Horrid Pestilence Of Death (Death In Pieces Records)


Heavy metal from Netherlands: Sad Iron - Chapter II: The Deal (Hellion Records)

At Home In Hell, Amon Amarth, Appalling, Asomvel, Black Dawn, Body Harvest, Invicta, Kampfar, Midnight Bullet, Origin, Osiah, Pa Vesh En, Pectora, Ringworm, Sol Sistere, Stellar Master Elite, Sxuperion, Mavradoxa, Túrin Turambar, Murdryck, Verwüstung, Violentor, Deiphago, Rotting Grave, Sad Iron

Entered: 5/6/2019 3:57:18 PM