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ORDER OF THE EBON HAND presents first track 'Dreadnaugh'

14 years after their previous full-length, Greek black metal group ORDER OF THE EBON HAND presents the first track 'Dreadnaugh' of their upcoming new album. The record is entitled VII: The Chariot and is due on June 27th, 2019 via Satanath Records.

Band comments: "VII: The Chariot" is the Second Card drawn out ORDER OF THE EBON HAND's Unholy Deck, following up the First Card drawn, which was, appropriately for a Black Metal Band, "ΧV: The Devil", a Card most ideal to Swear Allegiance. The Band's commitment is that each and every following Album, will delve in one Occultic Tarot Card, seen through a Black Metal perspective.

"The Chariot" is the Card connecting Mars to Saturn, War and Fate. Appropriately, the album is a rash, remorseless, and Warlike creation of Archetypal Black Metal, pacing on the principles that define all pure Metal. The Fights between Identity and Death, Freedom and Oblivion, surround the Entirety of the Album.

Conquest is synonymous to mobilization whether be it mere steps or a full headlong charge to the Complete Unknown.

The faces of War appear, whether be it in Sea, Land, or Air, and the CHARIOT changes Shapes. It metamorphs from Destroyer Ships, to Nightmare Steeds, Aerial Fighters, Armored Demons, Heavy Cavalry Knights, Elite Infantry, Ancient Heroes, and Demon Kings, all bound to a merciless Race, in which, after the starting gun -there is No Turning Back.

But the Enemy is Unclear. For moments it is the Obvious. Then it mutates -as well- it becomes Imprisonment, Insomnia, a wish for self destuction, Restlessness, Duty, Addiction, Defeat, then Death personified - ultimately the Inevitable Fate that Haunts the mundane.

"The Chariot" then becomes the means to Exceed the Chariot Itself. The Vehicle, whether be Weapon or Body, is merely an Instrument, and not the Self. The Conquest itself, becomes a Trial of Realization, its purpose to Destroy all the Illusions of Life - that would prove Oblivious at the Ultimate Hour!"

Order Of The Ebon Hand - VII: The Chariot

Order Of The Ebon Hand - VII: The Chariot
Knight Of Swords
The Slow Death Walk
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