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WORMWOOD delivers haunting video 'The Isolationist'

WORMWOOD perfects the melancholic sound of Swedish black metal on their new album Nattarvet and the grand epos from the upcoming second full-length, 'The Isolationist', is now available below. The song is about a man who refuses to leave his home deep in the forest. His old wife dies, yet there he remains and withers away into obscurity.

The band states about new record: "The upcoming album Nattarvet (Night's Heritage) will be a conceptual album about the hardships of the unforgiving Nordic nature. During the 1800-hundreds famines were commonplace out on the windswept farms and secluded hamlets. Many people left Scandinavia towards America and other countries to build a new life, but many stayed, not wanting to leave their old houses which has been past on for generations. They stayed on frozen soil and sickness. Nattarvet tell the stories of certain families fate and their superstitions towards the coming darkness. It will be a journey through plague-stricken houses, sub-arctic agony, unbridled affection towards your birthplace and much more. We can't wait to show you more..."

Wormwood - Nattarvet

Wormwood - Nattarvet
Av Lie O Börda
I Bottenlös Ävja
Arctic Light
The Achromatic Road
Sunnas Hädanfärd
The Isolationist
Entered: 6/2/2019 11:24:17 AM