The Week In Metal - Week Of May 27 - Jun 2, 2019

First 3 and half weeks of May were full of great releases and even possible end of the year candidates, and last week couldn't be any different, could it? We're closing this month with over 30 new records, including albums from well-established, decades running bands like Darkthrone, Death Angel and Vader. Right behind them, longevity wise, come massive opuses from Krypts, Malum, Majesty Of Revival and Hornwood Fell. As always not to be outdone, newcomers make their presence felt with crushing debuts from A/Oratos, Towering, Tryglav or Kavara. If that was not enough, K.F.R made sure that you get full doze of ambient black metal in the form of 2 full-lengths to satisfy all your cravings.

And I only mentioned dozen bands out of 30+ spitting fire and blasphemy (well, maybe not Gloryhammer) releases worshiping ancient gods, war, zombies, misery and death. All competing for your undivided attention and last remaining change in your pocket.

In other words, if you don't find anything interesting, I'm going to assume there's something not quite right with your speakers' setup and/or your control center between your ears.

Till next week... 

Thrash, black metal from Norway: Vingulmork - Avgrunn (Crime Records)


Black, melodic metal from France: A/Oratos - Epignosis (Independent)


Black metal from Sweden: Avslut - Förslavad (Osmose Productions)


Thrash metal from Italy: Coma - Disorder (Punishment 18 Records)


Thrash, death metal from Canada: Concrete Funeral - Ultimum Judicium (Independent)


Melodic, progressive, shred from Greece: Constantine - Aftermath (Rockshots Records)


Black, heavy, speed metal from Norway: Darkthrone - Old Star (Peaceville Records)


Thrash metal from United States: Death Angel - Humanicide (Nuclear Blast)


Death, grindcore from United States: Elbow Deep - Bodily Fluids (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)


Thrash, black metal from Finland: Evil Angel - Unholy Evil Metal (Hells Headbangers Records)


Thrash, death metal from United Kingdom: Evil Brain Taste - I Am Evil Brain Taste (Independent)


Death, brutal metal from Italy: Fulci - Tropical Sun (Time To Kill Records)


Black metal from Greece: Funeral Storm - Arcane Mysteries (Hells Headbangers Records)


Power, symphonic metal from United Kingdom: Gloryhammer - Legends From Beyond The Galactic Terrorvortex (Napalm Records)


Black, speed metal from Brazil: Hellish Grave - Hell No Longer Waits (Helldprod Records)


Black metal from Italy: Hornwood Fell - Damno Lumina Nocte (Third-I-Rex)


Metalcore, southern metal from United States: I Am The Law - Dance Of The Southern Witch (Independent)


Black, ambient metal from France: K.F.R - L'Enfer À Sa Source (Purity Through Fire)


Black, ambient metal from France: K.F.R - Démonologue (Purity Through Fire)


Melodic, death metal from Canada: Kavara - Weathered & Lost (Independent)


Death metal from Finland: Krypts - Cadaver Circulation (Dark Descent Records)


Progressive metal from Ukraine: Majesty Of Revival - Timeless (WormHoleDeath Records)


Black metal from Finland: Malum - Legion (Purity Through Fire)


Black metal from Germany: Meuchelmord - Waffenträger (Purity Through Fire)


Brutal death metal from United States: Nekroí Theoí - Dead Gods (Prosthetic Records)


Black, crust metal from United States: Pale Misery - Black Candles And Gutter Scum (Independent)


Groove metal from Italy: Reatzione - Sopravvissuti (Volcano Records & Promotion)


Death metal from Italy: Skorbutiks - Archaeonecrosis (The Spew Records)


Death, experimental metal from Argentina: Svet Kant - The Visage Unbiased (WormHoleDeath Records)


Heavy metal from Canada: Thrash La Reine - La Foi, La Loi, La Croix (Independent)


Death metal from France: Towering - Obscuring Manifestation (Dolorem Records)


Black metal from Croatia: Tryglav - Night Of Whispering Souls (Rockshots Records)


Thrash, death metal from Poland: Vader - Thy Messenger (Nuclear Blast)


Black, melodic death metal from Sweden: Vananidr - Road North (Purity Through Fire)


Black, crust metal from Germany: Yonder - Temple Of Eyes (Independent)

Vingulmork, A/Oratos, Avslut, Coma, Concrete Funeral, Constantine, Darkthrone, Death Angel, Elbow Deep, Evil Angel, Evil Brain Taste, Fulci, Funeral Storm, Gloryhammer, Hellish Grave, Hornwood Fell, I Am The Law, K.F.R, Kavara, Krypts, Majesty Of Revival, Malum, Meuchelmord, Nekroí Theoí, Pale Misery, Reatzione, Skorbutiks, Svet Kant, Thrash La Reine, Towering, Tryglav, Vader, Vananidr, Yonder

Entered: 6/3/2019 6:54:03 PM