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MB Premiere: LEFT HAND PATH stream self-titled EP

Romania based Progressive Extreme Metallers LEFT HAND PATH are set to release their debut material, a 6 tracks self-titled EP, on June 17th, 2019 via Loud Rage Music and today we are honored to host the premiere of the full album stream.

Band states: The path you make for yourself, the road less traveled. The one you lead on and not blindly follow. The way you travel to find who you are, and what secrets the world holds for you. Freedom of thought and of spirit.

Band Members:
Attila Szenasi – bass, ex-Negură Bunget, ex-Malpraxis
José Morales – drums, ex-Marchosias, ex-Dark Aevum
Ádám András – guitars, ex-The Hourglass, ex-Toy Machines
Wagner Tamás – guitars, ex-MalpraxisSpiritual Ravishment
Cristian Aionese – vocals, ex-SkullpMalpraxis

Jewel-case CD:

More information at:
Left Hand Path:
Loud Rage Music: http://www.loudragemusic.com

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