The Week In Metal - Week Of June 10 - 16, 2019

Aren't summer months suppose to slow down the music industry a bit? Granted, officially summer starts in a couple of days, but damn, just when I thought I'll put my money into my other hobbies, last week happened, where almost half of the releases deserved an early preorder or an instant purchase. Half for now, since I haven't got the time to dig deep into all of them yet. And we wonder why almost 60% of people have less than $1000 in savings or don't save at all. Well, I don't wonder because I know exactly where my money goes, but if you're running short on dineros I suggest getting an extra job and start buying more music, beer, toys or whatever makes you happy, because life is too short to waste on building your bank account. Here, there's your money management advise of the week!

Disclaimer: Savings are for emergencies so, if you don't want to do it just don't get sick, at all costs avoid dangerous situations, try not to leave your dungeon too often and preferably work from home. If that's not an option, good luck on your way to the riches!

Till next week...

Black, death metal from Greece: Aiμα - Tragos (Nuclear War Now! Productions)


Thrash, death metal from Brazil: Açoite - Açoite (Helldprod Records)


Death, progressive metal from United States: Atlas Entity - Beneath The Cosmic Silence (Independent)


Progressive, sludge metal from United States: Baroness - Gold & Grey (Abraxan Hymns)


Death metal from Malta: Beheaded - Only Death Can Save You (Agonia Records)


Melodic death, power metal from Austria: Beyond Infinity - Welcome To Infinity (Art Gates Records)


Thrash, death metal from France: Catalyst - The Great Purpose Of The Lords (Great Dane Records)


Folk, symphonic metal from Italy: Cremisi - Dawn Of A New Era (Volcano Records & Promotion)


Black metal from United Kingdom: Crom Dubh - Firebrands And Ashes (Ván Records)


Thrash metal from Finland: Damage S.F.P. - Damage S.F.P. (Rockshots Records)


Black, pagan metal from Switzerland: Frijgard - Chapter Zero (Art Gates Records)


Death metal from Poland: Hate - Auric Gates Of Veles (Metal Blade Records)


Thrash metal from Canada: Infrared - Back To The Warehouse (Independent)


Death, deathcore from United Kingdom: Ingested - Call Of The Void (Unique Leader Records)


Death metal from United States: Nucleus - Entity (Unspeakable Axe Records)


Black metal from Canada: Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition - Chapter I: War, Horrid War (Eisenwald)


Heavy metal from Portugal: Ravensire - A Stone Engraved In Red (Cruz Del Sur Music)


Death metal from United States: Ripped To Shreds - 魔經 - Demon Scriptures (Pulverised Records)


Power, progressive metal from Italy: Starbynary - Divina Commedia - Purgatorio (Art Gates Records)


Death, folk metal from Spain: Steignyr - Myths Throught The Shadows Of Freedom (Art Gates Records)


Black, hardcore, sludge metal from Sweden: This Gift Is A Curse - A Throne Of Ash (Season Of Mist)


Death metal from Finland: Winterwolf - Lycanthropic Metal Of Death (Svart Records)


Black metal from Australia: Nocturnes Mist - Marquis Of Hell (Seance Records)


Death metal from Poland: Manipulation - Mind Control Ultra (Satanath Records)

Aiμα, Açoite, Atlas Entity, Baroness, Beheaded, Beyond Infinity, Catalyst, Cremisi, Crom Dubh, Damage S.F.P., Frijgard, Hate, Infrared, Ingested, Nucleus, Panzerfaust, Ravensire, Ripped To Shreds, Starbynary, Steignyr, This Gift Is A Curse, Winterwolf, Nocturnes Mist, Manipulation

Entered: 6/17/2019 8:02:00 PM