The Week In Metal - Week Of July 29 - Aug 4, 2019

End of July doesn't break records as far as number of releases, but on the other hand this might be our most varied list so far, style wise. I believe from the genres that we cover, past week only misses some variants of doom/sludge to make this list fully complete and that's pretty impressive considering the dog days of summer. In other news, our new website is performing a lot better than the previous version (I hope I didn't just jinx it) and so far there were no threats on my life for changing the layout from black to white. I consider this a win!

Till next week...

Thrash metal from India: Sabotage - The Order Of Genocide (Independent)


Deathcore from United States: Carnifex - World War X (Nuclear Blast)


Death metal from Estonia: Deceitome - Flux Of Ruin (Redefining Darkness Records)


Thrash, heavy metal from Finland: Excuse - Prophets From The Occultic Cosmos (Shadow Kingdom Records)


Folk metal from Germany: Finsterforst - Zerfall (Napalm Records)


Gothic metal from Italy: Levania - Episode 0 (Sliptrick Records)


Black, death metal from Sweden: Mylingar - Döda Själar (Amor Fati Productions)


Power metal from Sweden: Narnia - From Darkness To Light (Independent)


Power metal from International band: Northtale - Welcome To Paradise (Nuclear Blast)


Heavy, NWOBHM metal from United Kingdom: Sacrilege - The Court Of The Insane (Pure Steel Records)


Blackened Death metal from United States: Sons Of Famine - As Razors Gnaw Like Wolves (Horror Pain Gore Death Productions)


Death, crust metal from Estonia: Swarn - Black Flame Order (Redefining Darkness Records)


Black metal from Germany: Total Hate - Throne Behind A Black Veil (Eisenwald)


Black metal from United States: Olkoth - The Immortal Depths & Treasures Of Necromancy (Signal Rex)


Thrash, black metal from Brazil: Holocausto - Diário De Guerra (Nuclear War Now! Productions)


Death metal from United States: Nunslaughter - Antichrist (Helldprod Records)

Sabotage, Carnifex, Deceitome, Excuse, Finsterforst, Levania, Mylingar, Narnia, Northtale, Sacrilege, Sons Of Famine, Swarn, Total Hate, Olkoth, Holocausto, Nunslaughter

Entered: 8/5/2019 9:53:25 PM