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MB Premiere: VENEREAL BAPTISM - Blasphemous Sarin Execrations

Set to release their 2nd curse upon the shepherd and his sheep on September 27th 2019, today VENEREAL BAPTISM reveals first track 'Blasphemous Sarin Execrations' from Repugnant Coronation of the Beast that will slither from the placenta of Osmose Productions.

I've heard of brutal death metal but brutal black/death metal?, can it be referred to as such?; surely is the vibe I got when listening to the entry off Repugnant Coronation of the Beast; even the cover artwork is painted in the image of death metal. This music is straight-up, riff filled, drum pelting, vocal bashing pillaging that will catch most off-guard if they were expecting to hear the typical screeching vocals and expansive landscapes; sorry none of that here, instead you get a torrent of instruments clashing against each other (in a good way) to create an overcast, contemptuous, war-like aura.

I have never heard of VENEREAL BAPTISM but I'm very much glad I was given this recommendation because the individuals involved seem to have more than enough experience or are at least within the 'know how to' group. Now I'm very much looking forward to hearing and getting the full record when it releases. Also being a fan of the Texas metal surroundings; knowing how many fantastic death metal bands the region has produced has made me more than enthusiastic to hear the rest of the music on this middle finger to the false god.

Repugnant Coronation of the Beast was recorded and engineered by Adversor in Laredo, Texas, U.S.A. at Eastwoods Media & Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, Mexico at El Castillo in 2019 and features cover artwork by Rolf Brühwiller.


Entered: 8/30/2019 12:01:56 AM