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MYRONATH unveil the first single 'La Santa Muerte'

Swedish black metallers MYRONATH, featuring Lars Broddesson (ex-MARDUK) as session studio and live drummer, vocalist/bassist Vargblod (KHAOSPATH, DRAUGUL) and guitarist Malphas (THRONE OF HERESY, BLOOD OF SERPENTS) will release their debut album Into The Qliphoth in October 4th, 2019 via Non Serviam Records. Today, to celebrate the event the band unveils the first single 'La Santa Muerte'.

Band comments on new record: "The album is very straightforward so to speak. We are not interested in introducing new styles and ideas in Black Metal. Even though of course we have influences from various bands and other musical styles, we still view the music of Myronath as our own sound. So fans should not expect any avant-garde ideas, or a band that explores new ways of mixing Black Metal with something else. We do what we do because of our passion for Black Metal and for what it stands. The album is a journey into the Other Side, a journey in the Abyss and into the spiritual world, exploring the writer’s beliefs, experiences within the spiritual realm, etc. All songs are very personal, and only those who share our ideas shall truly understand our message in our lyrics."

Myronath - Into The Qliphoth

Myronath - Into The Qliphoth
The Ancient Slumber
Lady Of Golgotha
The Awakening
In The Shadow Of The Crown
La Santa Muerte
Hymn To Lucifer
Annihilation Of The Crescent Moon
Entered: 9/2/2019 9:20:58 AM