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MB Premiere: SLOW - 'Incendiaire' album trailer

Long, sleepless nights and dreadful days are over, new music from SLOW is finally here. Maybe not as much as we would hope and like, but appropriately in funeral doom manner, SLOW is very 'slowly' introducing us to their new opus, VI - Dantalion, with a 2 minute album trailer that comes from, naturally the 6th track, 'Incendiaire'.

Two minutes of enchanting soundscapes over mesmerizing black and white visualizer that will leave you motionless and paralyzed from its beauty, melancholy and despair. From subtle and delicate intro that leads to explosion of sound over monstrous growls, SLOW will captivate your imagination and suffocate your thoughts at this same time. My full album review is here so, no point of repeating myself, but next 2 months until the release date might be the cruelest form of torture if they keep on teasing their fan base at the current pace.

Minimalistic promo sheet states: "With 'VI - Dantalion', SLOW create a deep and all-consuming atmosphere that will crush your mesmerized soul to the deepest depths of nothingness. Dantalion is compelling, captivating, emotional and even renewing -- essential suffocating funeral doom for the downcast and dejected." and I couldn't agree more. There's no need for too many words, over 76 minutes of music is doing all the talking... and we only got 2 (very slow headshake)!

VI -Dantalion, featuring cover art created by Aurélien Ohrwurm, will go on sale November 8th, 2019 via Code666 / Aural Music.

SLOW is:
Déhà - vocals, choirs, guitars, fretless bass, keys, orchestral arrangements, drums.
Lore - choirs, bass, arrangements, lyrics


Entered: 9/13/2019 12:05:59 AM