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SCARAB unleashed lyric video for first single 'Coffin Texts'

Egypt's death metal band SCARAB unleashed new lyric video for the first single 'Coffin Texts', taken from their upcoming full-length "Martyrs Of The Storm" that will be available on the March 6th, 2020 via ViciSolum Productions on vinyl, CD & all the digital platforms.

Band comments on new record: "The sound of a cosmic upheavel is about to become, contain your spirit as the storm is approaching! The process of creating this album have truely been a heavy alchemical and initiative journey from the writing process, up to the recording, and until the final production. With Martyrs Of the Storm we want to make a statement in the name of brotherhood and unity of metal worldwide, we want Martyrs of the Storm to be something beyond just us and our egos. We invited artists from all around the globe to add their additional input and unique energy to complete the chaos sphere! The sphere that has so many different forces all wrapped up and intertwined as a one entity we call Martyrs of the Storm. To our friends, fans and supporters who have been giving us a great life force throughout the years, rejoice and let yourself go into an ecstatic journey through the abyss and out! This is for you and we can't wait to witness the impact of this release upon the world. One thing we can promise everyone, is to expect the unexpected!"

Scarab - Martyrs Of The Storm

Scarab - Martyrs Of The Storm
Martyrs Of The Storm
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Entered: 11/15/2019 5:01:24 PM