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MB Premiere and Interview: POMBAJIRA - 'Pombajira' full album stream

Newly formed Brazilian metal band POMBAJIRA featuring members of Grave Desecrator and Power From Hell, is set to release their self-titled debut album through Helldprod Records, November 29th, 2019. Self-branded as "Heavy Rock Inferno", you will have quite the experience with these Brazilians, that musically encompasses a decent variety of styles, whilst conveying their message.

Join MetalBite's premiere of the full "Pombajira" stream that is carefully paced through its 29 minute run-time but is far from nimble and maintains a rewarding roughneck feeling aimed at the jugular.

MetalBite was given the opportunity to interview founder and front-man behind the entity, Hellson Röcha (vocals, guitars), so we asked few questions regarding inception of the band and the debut record.

Why was Pombajira created?

Sincerely, I don't know exactly why, but probably the importance of a combination of aspects which embraced my personality lately. I was just interested to explore others textures, sonority and purposes. So, fortunately I had a great combination with the two other guys (Blizzard – guitars and T. Splatter – drums), and then the things started to take a good form. The wish to get back to our earliest musical influences from 70's Rock 'n' Roll, a little bit of psychedelic solos and references, Venom, Sabbath, Hellhammer, Pentagram etc... all are cornerstones which supported this creation.

What is the meaning behind the name Pombajira?

Pombajira (or more well known as Pomba Gira) is a mysterious female entity present in different views into afro-brazilian cults, such as Umbanda, Candomblé or Quimbanda. I must tell you that I do not own a leading erudition regarding those cults, and actually, it was never my goal. I can just express that since my childhood, I felt attracted to the occult that pervade the essence of all the entities which are in league with those cults. I feel Pombajira representing and embodying a marginalized essence which disturbs and defy the moralist shackles of our society, a rebellion and timeless spiritual conception.

Brazil has been a hotbed for many occult tales, experiences and activities; how has this shaped Pombajira's music?

We are a country rooted in misinformations that are part of a perverse structure that we have. Most of what you might have heard about us is probably a product with ordinary references. We have different cultures and traditions here, and all of them bring their own interpretations of spiritual and supernatural. I prefer to stimulate and flirt with the mystery and maybe let people have their own visions, since I use my perspectives collaborating with the foundation of these occult aspects you mentioned. I have no problems to express sometimes in a superstitious manner, as well as sometimes with a more deeply understanding. Most brazilians derived from catholical/protestant christian family heritages without even a decent insight about these dominating religions, and it leads them to an obscurantism that stimulate their fear and stupidity. Be sure that the band name "Pombajira" has caused oddness and reverences in the same time, and I think it's great! And then it comes with the asking for our experiences on this camp, as if our art must be essentially legitimated for the others. But of course that I had experienced, since my younger ages, something that may call attention for its enigmatic and obscure reasons. My mother was a follower and practicing of Candomblé, and I had direct contact with this religion back then (it doesn't mean that I follow or followed it). I saw things, I felt things which were not easy to explain, and I wrote about it in some of the lyrics.

Full interview with more details about Pombajira can be found HERE.


Hellson Röcha - vocals, guitars
Blizzard - guitars, bass
T. Splatter - drums



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