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MB Premiere: THE BASTARD WITHIN - 'Better Dead Than Friends' and 'Aware Of Slavery'

An international (Italy/Switzerland/USA) grindcore band, THE BASTARD WITHIN was created in 2015 by CN Sid (Node, Conviction) on vocals, Gianluca Sulpizio (Conviction) guitar, Davide Stura (Any Face) handling bass and Kevin Talley (Dying Fetus, Misery Index) on drums.

With motto of 0% compromise, 100% attitude, and 1000% grindcore, THE BASTARD WITHIN delivered their debut full-length that consists of 22 grindcore tracks of death metal, hardcore, and thrash influenced fury. Today we have an honor to premiere 2 tracks of this pure insanity and bloodthirsty energy, that in typical death/grind fashion were designed to decimate with pissed off and vitriol spirit.

Starting with 5 seconds of aural savage of the title track that bursts with explosive blasts, THE BASTARD WITHIN quickly moves to ferocious 'Aware Of Slavery' which in 2 minutes span manages to bind this merciless and untamed storm with blistering riffs and dare to say jazzy, dissonant interlude.

With the guest list of Jason Netherton (Misery Index, Asphalt Graves), Trevor (Sadist), Juri Bianchi (Addiction, Any Face, Hayma), Mãra Lisenko (Mãra), and Stefania Minervino (Too Late, Cave, Spoiled) that took part of this sadistic recording, THE BASTARD WITHIN certainly did not waste time as they set out seemingly intent on skull-crushing obnoxious and murderous perfection.

Immortal Souls Productions sets December 24th, 2019 as the international release date for THE BASTARD WITHIN's highly anticipated debut album, "Better Dead Than Friends".


CN Sid – Vocals
Gianluca Sulpizio – Guitars
Davide Stura – Bass
Kevin Talley – Drums


Entered: 11/27/2019 7:46:29 AM